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Good to hear the positive review. I jumped in on his Memorial Day Promo. Went deep on some Sust. TRT Guy here as well.


I am using his test as we speak with pleasant results.


Thanks bro look forward to the bloods and your gains


thanks for posting brother.


We appreciate the review and positive feedback brother! Enjoy the awesome gear and gains!


Can’t wait to try @UNITED gear, everyone on this forum has me hyped for it!!! I placed an order and communication was on point! Paid and now anxiously waiting the new gear :muscle:. Process has been super easy so far :slight_smile:


We appreciate your business my bro and trust me you are gonna love the gear some of the best ive ever used in my 21 years! Straight fire :fire:


That’s what I like to hear! Ussed countless different gear over the last 7 or so years, be nice to have a good stable option to stick with :muscle:


Is there usually a confirmation of order updates sent? I haven’t heard anything since I sent $…just wondering if very busy or just the usual not hearing any updates? Thsnk you!! @UNITED @Mountain-man


My pack just landed its a beautiful sight to see. Thanks for the promo.


@Bcondit112 I tagged him and his rep in your post, but you can rest assured you will be good. I know he just ran a sale so may be a tad slower with responses from volume. You got no worries tho.


Sorry for the short delay brother, youre confirmations in your inbox. Thx! - UNITED


appreciate this post big dog, thx! - UNITED


Damn that was quick, I received responses right away, again thanks guys. Again, best response time, and probably one of the friendliest around (and just reading through also seems like this board is just as good), glad to be here, can’t wait to have the chance to interract with everyone more , thanks !


I’ve been busy with my hectic work schedule and training but wanted to stop by and give an update on the @UNITED gear. This stuff is amazing to say the least. Currently in week 4 and it’s blowing my mind, definitely the best I’ve ever tried. I’m thinking about extending a bit longer. Gear is smooth and the strength kick is ridiculous. I’m coming back from an injury I had last year and this was just the kick start to get back. Thank you again for the great service and phenomenal stuff :+1:


@Bcondit112 what are you running?


Started with test prop/enth and tren ace / enth…now just running the enths…it was noticeable pretty quickly that way…feels great now. I’m wishing I just got a bunch of prop/ace tho…I’ve always wanted to try a full cycle of just the short actings…but stuck with the basic enths and they are top notch :ok_hand:


Nice man. I see his prop is 200mg. Is that the kind you got? Pip been manageable? I’m used to seeing it at 100. I see he has test ace too.


Hey brother, really appreciate the feedback!! Thanks for the post. - UNITED

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We appreciate the kind words and do all we can to make our customers happy happy! Can say thank you enough for letting everyone know your experience and keep us posted on progress bro! Keep killing it :muscle:t2: