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That’s some funny stuff right there!:joy:


no worries Semper you would not be disappointed :wink:


LOL … you haven’t seen the pics then have you ?


Of the frozen tundra comment?


What pics? Id love to see some pics :pray:t2:


mm hasn’t seen my pics … no, I am not a cheeto eating plaid flannel wearing sitting on my mothers couch gamer :wink:


perhaps one day there will be more pics posted


Just placed an order, we will see how it goes.


With who?


No, United


Sorry I’ll fix my post… my misunderstanding


Updated List.

Carrier Oil: GSO
Products with Guaiacol: Inject Adrol/Dbol, TNE, NPP and during winter months Test E 400
BA %: 2%
BB%: 18%


Send all orders to: [email protected]

Send orders in the following format:
*x3 Test E 250 - $
*x2 Tren A 100 - $
*x2 Dbol Inject - $
Payment Method: Bitcoin​

After order sent, you will receive additional details how to complete within 72hrs.

*Free Shipping on all orders
*$200 Order Minimum


Please contact the sponsor for products and price lists

What is your motivation for wanting a good body?
Might as well say hello

Just wanted to give a shout out United on promo test pack landing today. As always it’s great Communication , ordering process and fast delivery.

Also would like to think Mountain man for the help and answering questions I may had with the process.

United and his Sponsors are great guys as with everyone else in the Community at UGMUSCLE !!


Have you pinned yet? Any feedback once you have would be greatly appreciated. Will you get bloods?


Yeah Ive used his test works great as it should.

Won’t be doing bloods for few months.


@Azazel2949 Just out of curiosity because I like to know how other people roll… Did you have pre-cycle blood work done?

Thanks in advance.


Am on trt so I have blood work done for that. But as far as a cycle no. I go by how my body responds and feels when running diff compounds And I adjust doses if need to also Monitor the rest of my blood work when it’s done


@Azazel2949 great. thanks for the quick reply buddy. Enjoy the ride. Stay responsible and maximize those gains once you are back on TRT. We, TRT guys, are at a huge advantage to the ‘average’ steroid users. :wink:


That’s awesome bro. Having trt bloods is a plus. You can run same protocol but higher dose and compare perfectly. Def look forward to your bloods in a few months. What dose you gunna run?


I normally will bump it up to 500mg split twice a week with whatever else I decide run long ester , But thinking of running some shorts of test, mast and tren for next 6-8 weeks with hgh at 5 ius daily. Test would be 50mg daily , mast and tren 100 mg eod. And add in my trt dose towards the end stop the other for few weeks and repeat then I’ll be ready for bloods again. I’ll keep hgh at same though out till after bloods. See how things look and feel and change from ther.