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Takes a certain kind of man to enjoy balls being thrown at his face…


Lol sounds like @Bigmurphis down for ball playing lol. Glad you all made up lol


@TrenGod and @PHD no need to make jokes fellas every man has the right to a tea bag or 2 LMFAOOO!


Lol have to be careful. This is very sensitive we may get in trouble lol


God knows i cant afford anymore trouble here :wink:


Hahahahaha I saw that lol. Trouble maker lol


I see everybody is getting along now! :grin:


Not me broski it was just a matter of principal but we are all good now!! You are a cool cat my bro thanx for everything :facepunch:t2:


Yessir all good now!


You too bro


well… if it’s a game can I watch?


Of course the more the merrier right lol


Party time!


Cmon jump in to the action lol


Not sure y’all could handle me :wink:


Hey i’ve heard that before…


I hope not… I would be disappointed in ypu if we could.


Take some more test guys…I overcame those fantasies years ago…no not being teabagged but kodiakgrrl being a muscular lady making supplements in the frozen tundra somewhere. Can you imagine instead of beef stew you come home to a homemade batch of…its like the lady bikini or figure competitors thinking about united and reaching into a candy dish of Anavar.


That was creepy outstanding @rnmuscle


Ive heard that so many times also right before i slayed the dragon :dragon: @josh!! and @KodiakGrrl :wink: