I would like to announce to the community that we have a new verified src at ugm. SymBiotecLab has alot to offer the community.
Let me be the first to say welcome to UGM were glad to have you as a sponsor. I would like everyone to welcome SymBiotecLab to UGM.





He’s got some great reviews off another board. Love that price list he posted.


I am honoured and a little blushing lol

[email protected]

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Welcome to the board.


welcome , SymBioteclab


Received my order from @SymBiotechlab in a week. All the way from the UK. His communication is top notch and a step above anyone else I’ve ever did business with. He kept me informed all the way thru the process and even included pictures of proof of everything. I can’t say enough about SymBiotechlab. I will be doing more business with them. A+