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Hi Omni, I sent you a PM today, but I tried to order Caber from you a while ago (I can send you the email chain) and you were out but I had paid for it. I tried to contact you on on your new email but got no reply.

Can you get back to me please? Thanks!!


This is for reviews not a message brother. If you would stay patient and wait for a response.


email address doesn’t work and neither does link in discussion. Is there a problem with Omni ?


He went semi private I believe. Referal only. Browse his old posts and you’ll find the info. If you’ve used him before or have referal just pm him.


Omni is the best. Best products prices and service. Placing a new order soon @Omni


Greatly appreciated brother!


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Hope everyone has a great weekend!

We set the standard!!!


Trestolone Enathante added to the list Team!!!


How many mg/ml. What’s a good dose to take


You got the enanthate
Thats interesting ive only ever seen ace im really interested in hearing about the enanthate ester compared to the ace. Im almost interested in it.
Whats a vial going for and at what mg/ml?


Its the same compound just longer ester than the ace im sure thats all therebis to it is just the length of use


Yeah but there is a difference between mast e and mast prop and others the ace ester is heavier than the enanthate ester so you have a little bit of a variation in the way it works
Same as npp vs decca


True some work better for some than others, the classic “different strokes for different folks”


Hey Everyone, Been crazy busy!

Trest E- 100mg/ML.

We had a very limited supply. It sold out fast. We have more otw



Your the best @Omni


Ug members I will be opening the doors to new members, very soon. We closed due to security reasons with scammers and extortion.

Do not miss this window as it will not come around again. I will post New Members Email tomorrow!



Tabs are now added to the List!

Not everything is in stock atm, but by next week everything will be!

Also you will notice a small increase in the liquid oral pricing… You all know I aim to keep costs down as much as I can. But as prices increase on ingredients, We have to cover them. Nothing crazy but there is an increase.

More great things to come!

Look at for Halo being added! And Caber coming back!

We Set the Standard!

Glad to Earn Each and every single one of your business!!!

Team Omni FTW!!!



[email protected]


Hi Omni I just emailed you!

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