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What method are u wanting


Well palumbo got walked out lol


DAMN I need to get online and read about this


I erased this long answer to the secret guru drug regimen on @fitraver post. It used to be Midwest and east coast go to nationals, Cali and SW goes to USA. Along with a lot of other weird shit. Then along the same lines u align yourself with a guru and put in a few years…along with being good( don’t get me wrong) now with social media and different " camps" its become even more weird. In the 90s and prior, went out to California and did some posing minus the crowd and at minimum get some good supps!


Like western union or Walmart to Walmart. Just needed to know what size order I’d have to 250 ish. I don’t really know about bitcoin and I don’t really use a debit card I pay everything in cash.


Yes a lot of the people they were pushing on social media got second call outs. Boston Lyod called out matt Portter (I used him in 2014 at nationals) it was so funny Boston called him “Matt DNP Porter” :joy::joy::joy: I was dying. I didn’t hear about Dave lol. Social media has ruined bodybuilding


In my opinion social media has ruined the world but yes bodybuilding is a casualty of it


Yep agreed


This past year 2016, I’ve had nothing but crap with w2w, western union had me flagged or something since 2015. Bitcoin is the only way. Even with the fluctuations. If you look you might have an ATM near you. Easy as adding cash and typing Addy. Even domestic I’ve got burned because the “receiver gets burned” I so wish " they" would leave us alone. I read that California is projected to do over 5 billion in Mary Jane recreational with no banks to really use. That’s a concern. Not who or where my 999.00 is going.


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No kidding. Exploded


any promos going on with FTS?

you still making that TEST U?


Email me ill hook u up with a discount. Just post pic when receive


Also freebie to anyone who posts pics or reviews. Like to see more action on here


I want to thank FTS for allowing to register on his site without having been referred. I explained to him that I am new to this site but I am a member of numerous boards carrying Veteran Status with references if requested. I FTS was very professional and I very interested in some of his unique products. His explanation of his brewing process reconfirms that his products are of top quality and I look forward to doing business. Thank you to FTS.