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Btc just keeps plummeting :frowning:


I am not sure anyone here is old enough to remember eGold. Same thing happened with it at a much smaller scale but a different concept. I prefer to invest in things that have real value. Tangible assets. Fiat, cyber currencies and non-tangible stock certificates are legalized gambling.

The only thing that separates a smart investor from a dumb one is timing. :wink:


I just want it to stay stable fast enough to pay. I made a purchase and the next morning dropped 30%. So good prices get even real fast.


I’ve been sitting on usdt for a while trying to pick a buy in time.


HAHAHAAAHAAAA! I love you bro you have the best posts EVER!!!


Good post here…


We restocked on primo e last night

200 MG / 10 ML $30 (ON SALE)




Serious…damn I have to be late to work. Only take crypto??


We are running a promo for the entire month of July to celebrate the month of independent. for every blood work an review posted you will receive a complementary free vial of your choosing with your next order.

thanks UG community.

Please email src for product and price list

There is no order minimum
For orders please contact us via email

[email protected]
[email protected]

We well update our inventory frequently with everything in stock.


yeah we only take crypto for now, we are working on integrating other payment methods soon


Thanks for the generous sale. How long will you be running this special offer?


You welcome bro, We plan on running our sale for a few weeks.


That is good…I actually feel a little sick. I have to re focus. I don’t want to be spoiled.




3 weeks of blasting about 200mg e3d gave me bloodwork higher than expected.
I guess when you leave the line on a .25 cc of 400mg test it adds up.

5800ng per dl



@burr what did that leave the line remark mean? How much were you on per week (aka how much did you pin on what days of the week)? How long after last pin did you pull bloods? Are you only running that compound?

That result would be a number you’d see with a gram of test. So trying to figure this one out.


Overdosed gear can catch a guy off guard As much as underdosed. Look forward to your insight @Burrr.

I know you stay on top of your E2 so I assuming the test is hot :fire: