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Ahhh okay. So how long will you have been on?


Been at 200 a week for the last several months, but just changed to this test a couple weeks ago.
I was on biologic from eroids ( on exit scam now, smh) and I saw a big jump in overall wellness and sex drive when I switched to the test e from ape shit.

I’ll pin 200 mg e3d starting a couple days ago.


Thanks UG family for the many welcomes here is our price list and inventory below and to answer members curiosity about our name our name was given by my partner, just coming up with crazy names, ape shit just stuck lol. so we went with it and developed a brand around it.

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U.S. Domestic is $10 Flat rate shipping fee
regardless of order size. No tracking info will be given out unless a problem accrues.

There is no order minimum
For orders please contact us via email

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I will respond to any inquiries you have via email.
We resupply every week so if your looking for something in particular let us know. Also We highly recommend using a encrypted email service for your safety if you don’t have one already. All information after completion of receipt well be deleted and all new orders well require new shipping information. we don’t store this info.


We are currently accepting paypal & cryptocurrency as payment options. We take bitcoin (BTC) bitcoin cash (BCH) Litecoin (LTC) monero (XMR) and ethereum (ETH) as payment sources.

we are working on adding cash app in the near future.

we plan on carrying sarms for interested members and adding in more verity to our online base. our inventory is always increasing we do sell locally and what to provide the same service online. thank you UG members and special thanks to burrr for being our first online customer an giving us a chance.


Welcome @Flexgod what carrier do you use? How’s hat bold cyp? I used some made at 250 and I lasted one pin and that was it. Pip for 7 days lol. Although it was d gear and chemistry has come a long way since then. I like that you have bold ace, unlike the cyp, I had no pip from that, but it was made in mig. That primo price :scream: what sparked that sale?

Also any product pics? Sorry that was a mouthful haha


we use MCT B.A and B.B. for our solvents we try our best to use as little solvent as possible with our ratios for purity. as for the primo this batch is from our old solvent ratio. locally its suspending perfect. but online depending were it could be shipped it might need to be reheated to suspend, so we want to get redid of the few we have one hand witch is not many. we would reship without any problems if its not holding. ill have some pics posted tomorrow for you. thanks for the welcomes. we well have a new batch of primo coming in as well and stil run the sale for a while. far as the bold ace, a friend of mine loved it, me on the other hand i couldn’t handle it lol it hit me too fast.


appreciate the solid response. Nice thing about bold ace is you can use less and don’t have to wait :wink: vascular as hell too haha. How’s the pip on your bold cyp?


Im running bold cyp now with sust 500, feeling great.


i have no pip from the bold cyp at all, been running this batch for about 3 weeks now


@Flexgod $20 PrimoAce??? Is that a misprint?


lol no its not a misprint lol its from a batch that was not suspending as well as we hoped, it suspends perfect where we live but may crash depending were its shipped. so if any one doesn’t mind reheating gear, it a good deal. we plan on getting some more primo and continue the sale for a bit. Semperfi how long were you a marine are you still in the corp?


Sweet… on that fast before you run out. I was a Marine the day I was born. Spent 20 in the Corps and 10+ years as a DOD security contractor. I am now jobless, homeless, penniless and in need of some cheap Primo. :rofl:

I don’t want a job, home or pennies but I NEED Primo!:facepunch:


lol at one point i was so temped to do contract work seeing how thing were on my first tour. i been in the army for 10 years and I’m still currently serving, i feel like I’m in a love hate relationship lol. far as primo we anticipate on it going quick we already placed a re supply for more.


@Flexgod check your protonmail. Thank you for your service and Godspeed.


Ok I’ll check, and thank you for your service as well. Thanks


I will let everyone know the pip factor as soon as it arrives… lol.


Ok lol primo sold out everyone I’ll post when we have it back in stock


Good answer.


Damn , don’t order all of them!!! Remember , it hurts…especially at the quad. Oh, I forgot your one of the few that doesn’t give a shit. Enjoy. I have load the btc anyway. I’m going to be adding SBL primo E in soon, 100 ace ed would be very nice on a lean physique. With his tren hex… Good addition to the board.


Sorry @rnmuscle I bought him out already. Early bird gets the worm.


That’s ok. Rip it. I’ve been like a girl in a shoe store…I have to do an inventory on my little precious glass anyway :fire: