Verified src APE SHIT Pharma


I want to welcome a new verified source to UGM. I hope everyone else will welcome them also. @Flexgod is the rep for ape shit labs. He has been a man of his word since the beginning of the verification process and I respect that alot. I believe that they will be a great addition to UGM.



Love the name lol. Welcome.


Welcome aboard!

I’m a couple weeks on his test e 400, trt is feeling awesome.


Love the name! Welcome to the UG family!


Love the name,it’s definitely one that you will not forget


Welcome !!!




Welcome brother! :facepunch:


Welcome to the club










Really curious on how you came up with the name but welcome




Guys, I’m on a trt dose of the test e 400.
Feels right to me.
Waiting for the product list to order more stuff.
I think he may have just gotten some tne too.


@Burrr how long have you been on it? Are you planning to get labs?


Just picked it up a couple weeks ago, starting a light blast.
I’ll get bloods, but they will be kinda inconclusive since they will be at the start of a blast.
I’ll pull them on Friday. I expect to see about 2000 ngdl give or take


@Burrr Why not just wait til week 4-5 so we can see if the test is good??


I’ve got to drive a long way to get bloods and will be in the city on other business next week.