Verified src or nandroxl


I’n not sure if its related, but I had a wicked headache that kicked in about 6 hours after pinning and lasted all night.
Could be coincidence, I do fine on the C4 tren test m2tren mix


I can’t wait to run these. They came fast there real and the packaging was amazing I wish I could say more.
Im going to run a nice eca Stack with inj ephedrine hcl this time around see the difference between the amps and the tabs.
I hear inj anything puts tabs to shame the next thing I will try is inj var.

Thanks @NandroXL I couldn’t be happier


Np boss
Ephe is amazing…


Im really happy I will be using you more in the future you can count on it


As of right now I prefer to get orders via email. The page is still working but it is not updated till november

For safety order via email…

[email protected]
Minimum order: 200$
Shipping: Monday ,Friday Domestic US
Payment: MG,BTC

The brand’s carried are: …

Alpha Pharma
Sigma Pharmacy (orals in stock ,oils in Nowember)
Primus Ray
Bioniche only bulk… details by @
Androchem Lab
Pharma PCT & HGH

How is this going to work?
You email me with the order also if you need vials or amp … I reply back letting you know if it product is available and give you best price … bigger orders better price

Androchem Lab
T Prop 100mg 50$
T Base (oil) 50mg 50$
T Enan 250mg 59$
T Cyp 250mg 59$
Susa 250mg 59$
T 400mg 65$
Tri Deca 300mg 80$
NPP 100mg 65$
Nandro Base (oil) 50mh 65$
Deca 200mg 60$
Tri-Bold 300mg 80$
Bold 300mg 65$
Master P 100mg 65$
Master E 200 70$
Tren E 200mg 75$
Tren Ace 100mg 70$
Tri-Tren 200mg 80$
Tren Base 50mg 70$
Metribolone 2mg 90$
Ment 50mg 90$
Cut Mix 200mg 80$
Bulk Mix 300 mg 90$
Prima 100mg 90$
Winstrol inj (oil) 50mg 55$
Sdrol 50x10mg 55$

-Alpha Pharma
T Prop 100mg 55$
T Enan 250mg 69$
T Cyp 250mg 69$
Susa 250mg 69$
Deca 250mg 75$
Bold 250mg 75$
Master P 100mg 75$
Androxine 50mg 75$
Tren Hexa 76mg 90$
Primabolan 100mg 90$
Dbol 50x10mg 35$
Clen 50x40mcg 35$
Winnstrol 50x10mg 35$

Maxtreme Pharna, Primus Ray
T Prop 100mg 50$
T Enan 250mg 60$
T Cyp 250mg 60$
Susa 250mg 60$
Deca 250mg 65$
Bold 250mg 65$
Master P 100mg 65$
Tren Hexa 76mg 90$
Primabolan 100mg 90$

T Prop 150mg 50$
T Enan 400mg 59$
T Cyp 300mg 59$
Susa 400mg 59$
Test 500mg 65$
NPP 150mg 65$
Deca 400mg 65$
Bold 400mg 65$
Master P 150mg 65$
Master E 250 75$
Tren E 250mg 75$
Tren Ace 150mg 75$
Cut Mix 200mg 80$
Bulk Mix 300 mg 90$

-Sigma Pharmacy
T Prop 100mg 45$
T Enan 250mg 55$
T Cyp 250mg 55$
Susa 250mg 55$
T 400mg 65$
NPP 100mg 65$
Deca 250mg 65$
Bold 250mg 65$
Master P 100mg 65$
Tren E 200mg 75$
Tren Ace 100mg 75$
Cut Mix 300mg 90$
Cut Depot 400mg 90$
Bulk Mix 400 mg 90$
C4 PreWorkout 151mg 90$
Turanabol 10mg 65$
Dbol 10mg 55$
Winstrol 10mg 55$
Anavar 10mg 90$
Anadrol 50mg 90$
Halotestin 50x10mg 90$

Serostin 126ui 800$
Genotropin Pfizer36ui 280$

-Pharmacy Pct
Ephedrine Inj 10x25mg 35$
Aromasin 30x25mg 80$
Dostinex 12x0.5mg 25$
Arimidex 12x1mg 35$
Letro 12x2.5mg 35$
Nolvadex 30x20mg 30$
Clom 30x50mg 35$
HCG 5000 ui 45$
HMG 75 ui 80$
Viagra 10tabs 15$
Modalafin 10tabs 25$
Lasix 10x40mg 20$


Thats beautiful I have dreams about receiving boxes like that


Just wanted to let everyone know that once I saw this picture I had to order some rhimobolan amps from nandroxl.
His list of products is amazing and priced right for those labs domestic.
Can’t wait to get my Nandrolone base and rhimobolan amps


Received my pac really quick and discretely as always. I couldn’t be any happier with the rhimobolan amps they’re legit and I did get the nandrolone base.

Pics coming soon gotta get them up but domestic rhimobolan and the other top notch brands plus the great service have definitely made this a goto src for many items in the future


All orders, Payment BTC 20% off


Any Test undecanate in the lineup?


Sorry dont have


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