Venmo or bitcoin? Which is cheaper


I hear WU is getting famous for holding onto funds!!!


Yeah man sounds like foreign language to me. Way to complicated and risky momey wise for me but unfortunately seems the direction most sponsors are going


Grrl what do you recommend?


I heard that as well but I never had an issue. Dont forget people are always making mistakes then blame the method. Usually it’s something we did ourselves.


its more on the person receiving the funds that are getting held up, and not because of anyones fault… but this is just info i was told about


they can’t unless you use fake names etc…


bitcoins… bit pay to purchase and convert to other coins if you are into that … for sending and spending


I avoid WU for obvious reasons. :flushed:


That makes sense but again I don’t use WU


Thanks Grrl


Are you guys really comfortable giving a card to someone that is basically a govt tracking device on your spending habits???

There are many ways to get btc and if you’re losing that much btc when buying your doing something wrong.

Btc is definitely the way to go

If you can’t use cash use btc

Use gift cards and prepaid debit cards don’t give your personal information out

Venmo ,paypal ,credit card,coinbase never use usa based electronic transfers, all databased collection information for the government

Be safe brothers and sisters


Are you saying not to use coinbase? @Bigmurph



Pm me and I will reccomend a wallet where you can buy and sell coins plus send and is one of the most respected wallets


PM sent


Im going to do a huge write up about btc tomorrow


Im glad because the whole process confuses the crap out of me.


I use Coinomi (Android) and Blockchain (Cross Platform). Exodus for Windows.

Venmo is traceable…


All this crypto currencies make me feel like i rode the short bus to school. I am completely confused and lost on the subject


Best wallet for security is Samourai wallet. They have a feature that can send bitcoin to another Samourai wallet without direct transactions.

Basically Person A pays Company X
Company X pays Person B.

You can read more about it here.

Between Mycellium and Samourai you should be good to go.


well I can tell you that I will never use Coinbase again after hearing all the bullshit about them.