Var v. Turinabol


Which one is preferred as low dose complement to 400mg deca + proviron for slow moderately lean bulk? Also does brand make a difference - need to pick btw alpha pharma & euro med in 24 hrs. Ignore quality concerns due to fakes-have access to authentic pharm grade


I have ran both in my opinion var is a better compound they are similar compounds but I prefer that var sheds bf and gives Strength and gains you keep.
Tbol will give you Strength and some gains you keep.
As for brands go with alpha pharma it has been a true tested product for years now and you have verification strips that you can check authenticity


Var is definitely my favorite as long as legit source. Otherwise or if price is an issue then tbol is ok.


I also wanted to add that I see alot of crazy dosing protocols for both tbol and var in my opinion if you have legit var 40mgs split 20 in the mourning and 20 before your night workout should be plenty. It will help you avoid massive cramps and muscle pain.
Tbol I would run 30mg in the morning and 30mg before night workout. 60mgs is my sweet spot with it.
I will also add that running aas you should be drinking a minimum of a gallon of water a day but when adding in orals like tbol and var you need to drink as much water as you can get down your throat. This will help prevent cramps and also taurine is a great supplement to help with the cramps also.
I have seen crazy doses of var at 100mgs a day and tbol at 80-100 per day also thats just crazy if you need that high of a dose the product you are taking is garbage.


thanks for the quick responses fellas! I went with the var for the reasons you outlined above and also the much less severe negative impact on lipids. Good reminder about the taurine i totally forgot about that.

adequate hydration is not that big a struggle for me typically because unless I’m cutting (which I do very infrequently) I usually consume 1.5 to 2 L of 2% UHT choc milk every day (by Fairlife, fantastic macros for such a delicious drink - 240 mlL = 140 cals has 13g carbs, 13g protein, 4 g fat) in addition to the standard tall glass of water every 3-4 i’m awake.

completely agree regarding dosage - my experience has been similar good quality 40 mg var was plenty and the pumps on that were insanely painful (although it did result in some fascial stretching which was nice) when doing isolation work