Update as I close in towards end of prep


Do the girls get the all the ass and everything? They spray probably. But they have to "feather it, especially on the back. OMG my buddy God rest his soul used to have it down to a science. Literally looked as if he was painting a room. Like 2 coats thurs and 2 Friday then the Pam cooking spray. He would even it out for an hour. I’d have to take a valium and eat, so I wouldn’t kill him…but when the lights were good…wow. Then I remember first time seeing Charles Durr (light skinned black ) putting on the pro tan…huh? I mean that was years ago when African Americans had to use different pump up rooms. No weights…nails on the floor. But it backfired because they were so much drier because we wouldn’t let them drink water. Who knew?:confused::policeman:I’m just kidding of course so before anyone responds…we let the women in too and we didn’t violate those beautiful 185 ripped girls and they didn’t violate us.


I thought you were 35 or so. I know there’s not many young guys doing bbing so your competition would be the same anyway.