Update as I close in towards end of prep


Well coming up on less than 2 weeks out till I step on the biggest stage for amatures in the USA. I will be in most certainly the toughest line up as my class usually brings some nasty guys. I’ve really worked my ass off for this one and my training has been pretty hardcore. Especially being this close to show date. You have to do the things others aren’t to be better.

Here’s one pic from update to my coach and one from gym yesterday while killing quads.



That vascularity is fucking absurd bro. You look wicked. Gunna crush it! You legit have John Meadows veins.


Hahahahaha that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received bro. Lol. I met him at 2014 nationals. Awesome man.


Seriously dude that’s the first thing that came to my mind lol


Those quads are sick. Going to be hard to beat. Symetry is there. Cant wait for the show bro!


Thanks bro. You have seen me from almost the beginning of competing. I’m definitely doing everything I can to bring it home this year.


Damn bro that shit is insane… good job bro


Fucking sick man :fist_right:


You look outstanding right now.
Bring it home brother you got this


12 more days to make it even nastier than this.


@PHD I never had a doubt… Not once! Thanks for sharing your progress with us and the end result is going to be that card.


Thanks @SemperFi you don’t know how much your crayons have helped me stay focused and inside the lines lol


Thanks @josh @kingkonggainz and @Bigmurph


LOLLL love it.


For sure bro, gotta give credit where credit is due!


Pose, Pose,Pose some more…With pics I magnify and start with calves, legs, midsection …then whole pic. I have to say I cannot see a LHVY beating you, especially over 35(?) I mean we never know. But, That shot is money and pictures sre rough to judge. Make me want to do it again…I hate that but that is a compliment!!! You are extremly even(symmetry most people say) 12 days ! Wow! Ive noticed your upper legs / hams/ad/abductors are bigger and Satorius is there, a different pose will bring it out and a lot of people dont have that. That ladies and gentlemen is what a week out should look like…bbing is sooooo easy!


Wow thanks bro that means a lot coming from you as I know you know bodybuilding. Yea posing is a weakness of mine I’m working on. I’m working with Lloyd dollar ifbb pro. I met him last week for posing and he said the same thing. It’s going to be very hard for someone to beat me. I meet him agai. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and then head to Miami get ready for weigh ins and tanning oh how I love that protan smell lol


Holy shit you look insane bro! X frane to the fullest dry crisp full vascular AF! Wish you best of luck!


Get Fuckin dark baby! Are you allowed to do your own or do you have to hire those whores to rub you. I bet you and others might remember the mercurochrome/dream tan blend. Its not with mercury anymore but it gives you that tan , gold look the Europeans get. Glad I used it once…mercury poisoning is not good😉no stress…hopefully no plane ride and you got it. Do the ahem Miami show have a masters or do they give 2 cards per class or what now…I get confused


No masters bro just open. Too 2 get pro card. Yea I use pro tan fuck doing it yourself bullshit I hate that stress.