Unplanned training sessions


I was planning on a rest/ eating/ doing fuck all day today but once I was up and about I decided to get my stuff together and hit the gym. It was the best session I’ve had in ages and I left the gym feeling the best I have in ages. No PR’s were broken, nothing from the norm really- in fact I did exactly the same routine that I did on Tuesday- reps, weight, number of sets and exercises.
Could this be similar to an unplanned night usually being the best night out? What are everyone’s thoughts?


I have the same experiences. I call it being content. It was just for me with no objective but controlling my own free time.

Can you relate to that?


Yes I can my man and I think you may be right. Perhaps it’s just that I feel pretty good about getting a session in rather than sitting on my fat arse all day!!
Another thing- the gym was empty and I loved it!! I can actually see Sunday sessions becoming a regular fixture.


Sundays in the gym are one of the best!


I think I’ve found my new favourite day @SemperFi


I used to tell people I was going to church and head to golds instead lol.


Yes love sundays legs and deadlift :muscle:


It is a bit like church but for people like us lol


I agree, nothing better than Sunday morning legs at the gym. It’s typically empty! I reserve Sunday’s for legs and stretching… been doing it for years!


Golds is definitely considered a church by many.