Unitedgear mast prop


So pumped.


Hi @Mountain-man thanks to your great input about mast p, I placed small order of it to give it a test run, mainly because you mentioned it improves your mood, gonna run it 100mg eod And see how that works, got enough for about 5 weeks for now, let ya know how it goes!


And thanks to all the other input, backed up the research and made me wanna give it a shot !


Ive never used proviron but i do love masteron for final 6-8 weeks of a cut when bf % is real low and so are calories itll make you look like you were chiseled from granite. 100mg eod to 100mg ed would be good dosage bro


I been running the mast p Ed at 100mgs tomorrow will be two weeks n I have decent abs, as I’m only 6ft n 186 lbs n they already look twice as good as they did before I started it , I’m glad you guys had good things to say to me about it, also I’m super pumped that a month n a half ago I was 180, I gave stepped up my eating game, and of course the npp is helping!


Thats some good progress considering you have leaned out while gaining 6lbs which in turn prob makes the illusion of a gain of 12-16lbs. Anytime you can gain muscle without adding fat or even losing fat then thats a win win brotha! Keep up the good work :facepunch:t2:


Thanks, it’s the best I’ve done in that amount of time, for two reasons, my eating is decent,4500 cal day, 500 carbs, Atleast 350 protein, that’s what I do minimum of, usually there is extra, and I’m not gettin overpriced/under dosed stuff, it took me a long time to figure out I needed more food n less gear, not the other way around!! Thanks for your input… and yes I was staring at your pics u posted earlier, in a totally non-homo way!!


Thanks broski! Appreciate that a ton! Yes more food and less gear. People put too much effort into cycles and never enough focus on diet and that kind of mindset wont get you the progress you want ever! Happy you are making gains bud anything i can do to help im here :+1:t2:


I just received my first order of ug mast prop very eager to add it to my gh,test cycle love the positive attitude I get while on mast p


Just did 4th pin ,moves very smooth no pip or discomfort at all even when I did calf and tricep so far I’m impressed with the mast p ,wish for a higher mg myself 150-175 mg/ml