United promo


Hi there, just a quick review. I won the United promo. The 714$ worth of stuff. I won the auction for 360$ and sent the payment right away. I never received the product. They have given me two tracking numbers that have not worked. The box was never taken to the post office. The guy has had every excuse in the world as to why he hasn’t shipped my stuff. I would not recommend him. He’s a liar and a thief. Now he won’t even respond to my emails. Gave him every chance in the world to get me my stuff and he hasn’t even been honest. When I won he said it was packaged up and ready to go. Then he said he had to brew more. Then he said it’s was a busy weekend. Then he said on Monday. Then he said it was a diff tracking number. Liar thief and scammer.


I appreciate your feedback bro. As I mentioned in a different reply it’s being looked into further and his verification is pulled for now. We want you to get your product.

@UNITED please contact @Bigmurph and let’s get this sorted out.