United is a verified src 100%


I need everyone to know that a late package or a hickup in the system happens. We all know that were not ordering from Amazon. Im going to outline a process that will make it our new policy of how we handle late or even possible scams by srcs.
We haven’t had a src scam anyone here that is verified. We will always stay vigilant but we have grown alot but we still take being a verified src extremely seriously.

@UNITED IS 100% a verified src at ugm.
He has made sure that everything has been taken care of. I appreciate this.

As everyone knows even our sponsors were here for members so I also took that there could be a problem seriously. I don’t believe that there was and everything will be fine.
We are committed to our members at ugm.




I couldn’t agree more, once you place an order you accept any risk that comes with it. It’d be awesome if we could just log on to Amazon and get these products but thats not the case. Nevertheless this proved how much you guys here at UGM care about your members. I appreciate that and welcome back @UNITED


@Poopchute I know you’re not a fan of me, but I made this illustration of us that sums up our realtionship :wink:






@UNITED ha ha ha ha ha that actually made me laugh!!! Strait up. I can appreciate that meme. Hope alls well


@UNITED I’m glad you made me the guy lol. Thanks for coming threw on a real note.


As I always say this isn’t Walmart. Heck back in the day itnuse to take 3-6 weeks to get anything.


:joy::joy::joy: I lost it when I saw this


I was laughing like a little school girl making it…


This just made my week!! Epic sauce. Just be glad it’s not international some stuff takes months to arrive. Or even hear anything back from people. United gear is solid you will enjoy.


aw! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: made my eyes water :rofl::rofl::rofl:


So much comes to mind. I’m just gonna leave it alone :laughing:


Classic :joy::joy: glad to hear all is well and United is back on the positive.


@UNITED comes through. Super stoked and can’t wait to try it out!!! There was 17 bottles and It was very discreetly packaged and in multiple bubble wrap envelopes. Thanks a million big dog. Will let everyone know how it works soon.


Glad to see your package came through, keep us updated.


Hey brother, glad to hear it landed and im hoping youre happy!!! Thanks for the great pic :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks for posting up bro. Let us know how it is.


That is great news United is awesome