We need to get this thread going, theres one thing that everyone wants to know when looking to purchase products “are they legitimate” Just like when you’re shopping online, youre going to buy the vacuum that has a 4.5 star rating over the vacuum with 1 star.

UGMuscle is the first board I joined that does an extensive background check before letting us sponsor here, yet we still need the communities feedback which is a win/win for all parties involved.

If anyone is open to using UG products and give their word for a review and or bloodwork in return for a generous discount please email me @ [email protected] thanks! - UNITED

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I love seeing bloodwork. I also love to get any feedback from members. I really like srcs that offer a little something for bloods and information.
Thanks @UNITED


@Bigmurph we got to get you to run our products your next cycle, I’ve seen your detailed logs:) When the time comes, we’d love to have the opportunity!


Im very open to that. I actually have everything ready to go for the end of march. Thats when I believe im going to start my cycle it all depends on work. I would definitely like to taste your gear though. I will hit you up about it soon.


Hell yeah bro this is awesome of you!! Hope some people take advantage.