United gear made a b!end for me



So I was asking UG if he could make blends he assured me he could and would be happy to make a custom order for me
So I got 100 mg mast p,tren a,test p per ml blend made up,im very happy one vial down no pip very smooth oils and no Fina coughing so far .the man is top chef ,guys do t hesitate to ask for a blend or a high mg oil he is able to do it all
Thank you UG 1 pin Ed instead of 2 makes me happy.




Less pins is always better this primo cycle and pinning hgh all the time gets old quick
Enjoy let us know how it goes


Thats freaking awesome United would do that for a customer. I do say that is a classic blend…one of the best combos you could make. Maybe he’ll make it as part of his permanent line?..kudos to United.


Keep us updated on your results.


No pip at all and on pin number 12


Love the name on the bottles my man!


It’s flattering


…having a blend made after you…thats great. Your my hero MM.


Pretty awesome! This is the exact blend I was speaking to my brother @MBTJR1980 other day about finishing up and solidifying the last 4 weeks of my cycle with!


One of the best combos you can cycle…


You are the best man yes this is exactly the combo i was telling you about. Turns you into a granite statue :wink:


MM my brotha from another mother! Its not everyday that you get your own line of gear labelled with your own name!!! You are the man bro and deserve only the best :facepunch:t2:


Seems like the go to last few years. The “21” 7 PROP 7 MAST P 7 TREN A 2100 MG / WEEK. EVEN A FAV OF MR J PETERS.




Yes that would be an amazing addition especially last 6 weeks before a contest! If in good condition already that combo will dry you out while keeping you dense full and striated plus in a calorie deficit the anadrol or d-bol would help keep your strength up sparing your new hard earned muscle