United gear has lowered his minimum for the month of June


Unitedgear has athurized me to announce a $100 minimum order amount till July the first.This way for the guys who have not tried him yet can make a smaller first time investment.So thank you United for allways thinking of the customer first.


United is the fkn man! He aims to please guys give him a try you wont be anything but super happy :wink:


Of all the forums I have been involved with the ones that stand out most are those that have active sources and offer customer appreciation offers on a regular basis.

I am locked and loaded on oils but I appreciate your involvement in the community @UNITED


Do yourself a favor and try the gear bro not just speaking as a United sponsored athlete but just as a 38 year old thats been doing this 21years! Its legit some of the best gear ive used all time thats why i rave so highly about it to everyone! Im a fkn beast and this gear has me growing like a newbie again :muscle:t2:


@MBTJR1980 I got in on the sale buddy. That’s why I am locked and loaded. :wink:


Awesome bro you will be a happy man!


Will he separate shipping on orders if it’s over 10 vials. Also does it matter allot in us if siezed(quantity).


If a domestic order is seized you are going to have more problems than losing an order… you are going to get a knock at the door. :wink:


Hahaha Im laughting at the moment but really really not fun stuff. I think ur right on that though.


@Whitehat134 no need to worry @UNITED knows exactly what he is doing and packaging is secure, safe and discreet.


Yes. Control delivery and you want none of that. Some lawyers have written some stuff on this and I don’t even like tracking. Now there’s proof you are looking from your addy for certain number. Domestic and of course I know nothing for sure, will be able to usually pin who originating post. But, they like witnesses and bigger collars so if I ever got a knock or a package by the door, I would not touch it and then write wrong address or return to origin, yell post office to get their shit.


I have read at least one attorney article that stated that receipt is not breaking the law but opening and possessing is… so like you said “come get your sh!t”… I never ordered this.

I have no idea where the truth lies so I take all the reasonable precautions to prevent that from happening.


Exactly I do that with every pack (rts) and ?et it sit by inside door a while Everytime


All u have to do is make that request when you order ,it is all about customer service


Of course, this would not be complete w/o mentioning the 10 dumbfuck things ive done…its learning from your mistakes if you get the chance. But how good or bad was it when we would be told to “meet at such and such” Ive been like why the hell in a crowded mall or a buffet. 280 , sweating , you cant look at it until you got home and then your shorted or looks like the top was recrimped!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow: The best was that certain period before 1992, 86 to 92 maybe when every city had a doc that had everything, I never thought wait this isnt made in america.just didnt know much. Too young to really have much money too, but the guys about in their prime at that juncture would look great. a lot of really excelllent AAU and Nabba guys. Then came the guys from different places on the map bringing their shit in. polish guys with omandren, russia dbol and cytahoh(sustanon) , russian GH that was rumored to be crescormon…I mean we would use things just because the guy was big, that was it. blood work? huh? If I was forced I would have to say the last few years have been the best if your starting, just the drug part and the knowledge. BBing or being a gymrat was fun as shit and just is dead today.