United gear gym insperation contest for free oils


Ok this contest will run from today till 5/27/18 midnight.
Post pics only of anything that motivaties you to get to the gym anything (no porn)
Rule only 2 pics each per day,winner will be decided by most active member in contest and best pics.
Winner will get a choice of any three united gear oils on his list.
Thank you have fun and let’s get some traffic moving for the board.




Here are my 2 for today. This is THE EYE OF TIGER gym…this is the real deal, lots of free weights nothing fancy. No air conditioning




This contest is open to all members admin,and members but no unitedgear staff


This are my 2 for today: Almost 5 years ago i got married to a woman 16 years younger than me, she is also 3-4 inches taller than me and absolutely gorgeous. Well with all this been said is easy to understand the level of motivation this put in my heart to go work out every day…gotta stay young




You are truly blessed pastor


Good for you Pastor you deserve nothing but the best man!


You guys gonna give the vials too big P?let’s see some motivation



My inspiration to get in the gym is that at a point in my life I weighed 260lbs fat as can be. When I stepped on the scale almost 4yrs ago and saw that it pushed me to get back at it.
I now love my personal set up
I love ugm because the members here give me the motivation to get some.
I also have to say that primobolan enanthate definitely gets me inspired to get some also.
This is what gives me the inspiration to meal prep and put in the work.


Question what is it specifically about the primobolan that motivates you?


Good for you bro! You are a great dude and do an amazing job here at UGMuscle! Thank you for creating such an awesome place for all of us awesome people to be a family! Theres no other site like this one here i fkn love it!


I have to agree with @MBTJR1980 I hv never been on another site or attempted to join one, and I randomly picked this one, and I feel I got extremely lucky/blessed to randomly picked such a great site where there are no internet-toughguys, and there are people who want to help and pass on substantial knowledge


I don’t know or want to know anything else. Training is part of me just like defending freedom. If there is another way of living you can have it.



Nice work brother! Semper fi



Great pics so far guys thanks


Sick tat brotha!