United Gear First Order


First time ordering from @UNITED

Communication- excellent
Packaging- excellent
Time of arrival- good
Product- so far smooth oils, and no pip.

Will continue to add on to this as the gear actually kicks in. Thanks


What did you get bro?!? What doses you running?


Test e 400, npp, Anadrol(for use at a later date.)
Splitting my test dose in half .5(200mg)
X2 a week, so Tuesday night and Saturday morning.
Running along some ijl test prop which puts my test at 600mg a week
NPP at 400mg a week
Aromasin 12.5 mg EOD


Nice bro. That sounds solid. This your first run with npp?


Thanks man, nah it’s my 2nd run with NPP. Possibly my favorite AAS thus far ha


Awesome dude. I need to do another run with it. My first one I don’t think the stuff was legit.


You definitely should bro, I’ll keep you posted this run.


I might add that I had great results with IJL’s NPP last run.


Beautiful! Please do keep us updated on your progress big dog. - UNITED


Thanks for the sweeet review broski! We appreciate your business and keep us posted on your progress! Best of luck my man :facepunch:t2:


@united @MBTJR1980 will do ! Thanks


I have run that exact cycle it was a great outcome. Npp is a great compound


I got 4 bottles of npp waiting to be cracked open once i finish my eq! Very solid compound all the benefits of deca durabolin just much quicker. Love it!


Now you got me thinking about adding 300mg npp to my primo cycle I love npp lol


Lets get some Bigmurph itll stack up nice with primo and test. C’mon brotha get on the gains train whoo whoo lol


That sounds like an amazing stack


I honestly believe that 300mgs of npp would add a nice bulk to the already tight bulk of the primo my nitrogen would be incredible and would love my high protien diet might have to break out a vial tomm its inj day.


Liking the thought process big man lets do it! Im jumping on with in next week myself now its a PARTY!!!


Man I may have to get in on this haha, been considering ordering some primo from pharmacom


Completely forgot to update this, absolutely loved the gear. Minor pip and the npp was on par with the others I’ve used. Just finished up some injectable drol from @united as well and the pumps were insane plus my strength is still through the roof 2 weeks after my last drol injection.