United banned again?


Just wondering what is going on with @UNITED and the do not order status again?


He is not banned he is on do not order


Is anvil labs gone too? I’ve been super busy trying to be an adult, so I missed this. Are they taking a break? If not was there anything wrong with stuff? I have quite a few things here, hoping not to have to toos in garbage again! They won’t even take it as donation to my nephew bodybuilder in New Guinea.


Nothing wrong with either of their stuff. Anvil is taking a break as he stated last month. United should be back soon.


Ahhh, thank you kind sir.


What is the reason United got put on do not order? If this question has been answered I apologize I haven’t been active lately.


Its time for his renewal once he renews if he chooses to he will be put back up


Very curious I answered your question I wish you would answer my pm question