Unite TNE 2 thumbs up


So I recently tried United TNE. Let me just WOW! Two thumbs so far. One of the stronger versions that I’ve felt. Could taste it slightly which is typical. Driving workout very good. That good aggression lol. Highly recommend you guys try this if you haven’t yet! Let’s say leg day was INSANE! And you all know how much I love leg day!!

@UNITED @TrenGod @Fitraver @SemperFi @Bigmurph


I always enjoy a good shot of high quality TNE on leg and back days. Thanks for sharing and I will put @UNITED TNE on my list of must tries.




While we’re at it, WOOOOOOOOO inject DBOL!!!


Awesome bro. Glad it was top notch.


@PHD I actually like that guaiacol taste in my mouth and smell in my nose. I just hate how bad it will destroy a safe if you don’t secure the vial in an airtight bag or container. :mask::wink:


Hahahaha I know. My box still smells of it from years ago lol


Thank you brotha for the great review we appreciate the love! I have to say that i agree 110% the TNE is jet fuel! Preworkout turns you into a demon in the gym :smiling_imp: lol my safe stinks to hell of that shit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the post big dog @PHD


Enjoy the jet fuel @PHD!! United doesnt play :smiling_imp:


@UNITED didn’t disappoint I was very impressed


Thats what we like to hear my man thank you again!!


@PHD have you used anything else from @UNITED?


All of United’s gear is :fire: @SemperFi! I obviously dont look the way i do from shitty gear lol


And you have not ONLY used United gear. I was looking to see if @PHD had any feedback on other United products. :call_me_hand:t3:

We can’t give all the credit to a single source with something that takes years to build, develop and refine.


Lol what you mean? Ive only been working out a year! Gained 100lbs of muscle no fat! Doesnt everyone respond that fast :wink:


@SemperFi hey Bro no the TNE is the only product I’ve used from them.


Thank you for you reply.