U.S. Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation



What is criminal about manipulating the price of something that does not truly exist? The Federal Reserve does it on a monthly basis with the US Dollar by printing or withholding reserves. I say printing lightly because the majority of the US Dollars in circulation are electronic just like crypto currencies.

Sounds to me they are simply trying to crush the competition. :boxing_glove:


The reporter has been sued for stating people were under investigation when they werent.

Bloomberg loves anything anti bitcoin and this original article has no valid sources


I wonder if the suit is ruled against him if he can pay in bitcoin’s? :wink:

Of course Bloomberg is anti-bitcoin… Bloomberg manipulate the prices of stocks daily based on the stories they run and what their agenda is.

I find it funny that in the video the gentleman said that they are trying to protect the innocent investors. No investor is innocent… they are a herd of sheep that follow the actions of institutional investing.

Sorry… I am a contrarian and have very strong opinions in this area. If the herd is zigging I am usually zagging or staying put.