Tshirts for ugm. Almost ready


Hey guys anyone interested in ordering a shirt we did recently by paying with bitcoin, Please message me. Thanks! Im still testing that and need someone else to test as well.


Bitcoin the only option?


Ill message you on it. Place doing the shirts doesnt sell them directly for clients.


Thanks for the help I placed order


Just placed mine, picked up the “tren is god, I am he”


Niiiice!! I like that one is bitcoin the only way to buy? I dont do bitcoin


Let me know I said that I wouldn’t post anymore self shots but im going to make an exception while wearing my UGM shirt for sure


Got mine! Cant wait to rock it!


You ordered or actually got it?




Ok got ya


i ordered just a couple days ago myself so i am excited to represent once i get them :smiley::smiley:


WTF you got one before me. I need to complain to management lol
Do you like the shirt is it good quality?


Lol the first two orders the process moved to where they are making them. @John yours is one of those. Should be a few more days. Mine was processed by EU center and i had it really fast. They must not be as busy as the US side.


@fitstudboi yours is also being made so should go out soon


oh ok thank you very much for the info​:smiley::smiley::smiley:


I ordered mine i meant. Havent gotten yet but looking forward to rockin it with pride


Hey guys. 3 of the 4 orders have been shipped. If you need tracking let me know.


Outfuckingstanding thanks for the heads up


@TrenGod my shirt has arrived!! Looks great, and even if nobody ever has a clue what it means I’m proud to wear it, because of the vast knowledge I have gotten from this OUTFUCKINGSTANDING community, it’s was my first and last forum I will join as long as it stays the way it is!!
I might add that I ordered a medium, Hoping to make my semi-small frame (6ft 195 11%bf ) look bigger, but it is to snug, not unwearable though, I would say order a size bigger when ordering. It was worth the money!!