Trying to bring the grainy nasty look


Been training really hard and really trying to bring a nasty grainy look to the stage.


Holy Vascularity Batman!! Lol! I think your plan is working bro looking bad ass :clap:t2::raised_hands:t2::metal:t2:


Man that is freaking awesome


Lol I’m usually more vascular but I’ve been working in a freezer all week and with lower body fat it takes me forever to warm up now lol


Thanks bro


Absolutley. A compliment is definitely owed to those pics


Holy shit @PHD !! Looking very impressive!!


Thanks. Plenty of time to really dial it in


Fucking sick bro, excited to see the final package.


Nice bro! Definitely hit a bullseye on grainy for sure especially with a little liquid sunrays once your tanned up bro your gonna look great. Congrats!


I’m no where close to what I’ll be come stage time just wait and see


Thanks though bro


So here’s the thing. Throw aside the fact that you can stand onstage with most anyone. I’ve never seen so I don’t know and I don’t know the timing and stuff but I would love to see satorius and upper thigh with all the heads separated. I hope you get that look to go with the veiny as a lettuce look. As we keep doing this it seems the veins get crazy. I guess if you need it. You look awesome. There. Its only gonna matter when your going against the guy for the win , you have so much muscle around knee and shit do you get really good separation . I mean some people don’t structurally just like I think you showed a pick and you have even abs. I was lucky there. When it comes down to it everything else even I’m judging structural flaws next.


Yea I’m starting the get those lines. I’ve never really had the deep lines in my quads but I’ve changed my style of training and I’m seeing more of those lines then I ever have so I’m excited. I’ve always been able
To get striations on my quad sweeep just not that deep seperation. Also get striated glutes.


Good. I’m glad u didn’t take it like a bad thing. I couldn’t hold my quads straight on I had to always twist because I was opposite. One good sweep one decent . but really good satorius and I swear it went up to my ribs😀. Omg, flutes ham tie in…either luck or thiomucase later saran wrap or sweat shorts and tanning bed. Epsom salt…but I would see scar tissue before muscle. One year we wear backstage with the bikini glue trying to pull my skin and glue it to trunks. Bunch of geniuses.


Man I love hearing your little competition stories, that little shit excites me. The dumb little shit that we put our bodies through. You should start a series on here just talking about your stories, both you and @PHD


It’s funny because we were at kinda the same level but not. I can say I knew this guy and that guy but it was because they were local. I only did 2 national shows. My 30s were on the cusp*. It was a big rush as internet stuff grew. Until it started to hit me that if you were top amateur or pro you were broke still and the fun 90s were leaving, you couldn’t look like some of these guys and the weirdest thing was I didn’t want to anymore. I’m sure you get it. Then there was a lull in quality for a few years. The fun was when there was a secret pot of steroids and money at the end of the rainbow. No updates every five minutes. Powerlifting went through all sorts of shit too. It was AAU, USPF. Then ADFPA…the Ernie F and co. Got APF going. I guess there’s 2 ways you can look at it. Pre and post net or Instagram. I guess I’m definitely old school. I can care less seeing 275 300 lb bbers doing 700 pound deads or rack pulls. I loved seeing Lamar gant at 130 doing 674 with scoliosis!!! Yeh he was 5 foot but that’s unbelievable. Or Dave pasanella RIP, looking like a bber at 275 , totaling 2400 plus. He died in a car accident in 90(?). I was lucky those guys and a lot of good bbers were in my home state / city. But I couldn’t just email them or text. U had to ask for a home number!!! But actually I love the power sports of bbing and pl now even more because me and my best friend can compete next year and just get into the best shape ever without thinking about the judges or this show is biased. I’ve missed shows because so and so was doing it to requalify. Then go to it and see omg there were only 5 heavy was because everyone heard the same rumor. Then next year the show would have 20 in the class including the 2 lighthvy national winners qualifying as heavywts. I actually wish I didn’t have so many injuries and competed 2 xs every year. But yes it was fun and if there was a way to cheat or get the upper hand in sure it was done.


Thats awesome bro def bringing in the striated beef! You look fkn insane already cant wait to see the finished product this time around :wink: Build off of last show make the necessary tweaks that you need and you should be bringing home some hardware my brother :clap:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Anyone who was around then…and I started early. So I’m a kid hanging with men and I had no other reference. I trained really hard from 12 to 16. I benched 325 and squated 500, deadlifted 500 at 15. Ill never forget I did 225 x 6 on an incline press and one of the guys said u taking shit already? I wasn’t. I had just saved money and bought some beta stitosterol and gamma oranzynol from the old ad in iron man mag with I think Tony Emmet, looked like boyer coe. I saved another six months and got myself a case of 24 lyphomed deca 1cc / 200mg, and 2 bottles of Anavar. Then I went ballistic training. A good Samaritan LOL at the YMCA, took me under his wing and gave me 2 test aques. You can’t make that shit up that’s why its funny. I lost 12 lbs in 2 days before my first PL meet. Killed at 220. But guess what we kids 19 and under talked about? AAS. I was best lifter in over 181 and never looked back. 4 meets later and I was told a better way to cut weight fast to weigh in and then replace. Diuretics😀 I love looking back because I hardly knew how to pick out a shirt and shit but I was learning how to do drugs. What really blew my mind was USPF nationals where they split it up 14-15,16-17, 18-19 I thought I was the strongest ever. American and world records were nuts even at 17. 7plus squat, 699 dead (which I attempted) you could attempt a 4th attempt if it was a record and in the 2min time constraint and if you made your last lift. I pulled 651 or what in kg. Then came 18 19 guys. Kirk karwoski, Anthony Clark , Jesse Ketchum , 198 lb teens totaling 1800. At the banquet with pacifico, Frantz, guess what "all us winners talked about…