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Hey Gang,

Been at it a long while and have made plenty of mistakes in my 51+ years. Like… My very first cycle was a Deca only cycle back in the early 80’s and I was pinning every day! Man how things have changed. :wink:

Along the way I have learned quite a bit but I am always open minded to learning new things… Its tough sometimes to teach an old dog new tricks so be kind with this Ol’ Salt. Some of the best knowledge I have gained over the years are from the pups…The guys we all think are less experienced. The pups are the next generation in this game and I am a huge advocate in letting them lead the way. In the mean time I will sit back and offer up any info if I think I see someone placing their own health at unnecessary risk. Steroids are not safe, EVER. But there is a responsible way to take them and benefit from all the positive effects they have to offer.

I am fortunate to no longer need a J.O.B. My spare time is spent training and helping other be the best that they can be. I no longer cycle due to injuries and personal choice. I have been TRT for over 5 years and ran my last cycle late last year. I wont say I will never cycle again but for now I am committed to my path of training longevity and quality of life. I have used just about every steroid readily available and a few that are really tough to get our hands on. I am no expert but I have a bit of knowledge and some experience I can share. At the same time I hope to learn new stuff from the other members.

I have been an active member on another for sometime. As much as I like that forum I have several close friends over here and chose to branch out.

My posts may not always appear it but I attempt to always remain humble and inspire individuals to be the very best they can be. I have learned one important lesson on my journey that stands above the rest - “Gains are measured by how much you give away for the benefits of others.” This motto has never failed me and I will live by this creed the rest of my days.

I have much that I need forgiven for so you will never hear me judging or negatively critiquing anyone. I might shoot straight and say something you don’t want to hear but it is always with the idea of helping. We are all in the same sinking boat and if I stop to judge then I am not bailing water and the puts our boat at greater risk of not making it to shore.

I have no agenda and hope that I will be as welcome on this forum as the other members have been.



Welcome brother!




welcome on board!!!

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Welcome bro


Hey brother im glad to see you stopped In.
You know that you can contact me anytime I would like to hear from you I hope that your family and your family at your other forum are all doing great. Its always a pleasure to have solid members like you at


Your always welcome here my friend just like jarhead,sieg,blaster and c4bds also all the others who frequent MG. I don’t want it to sound like im trying to poach members im just saying that you are all welcome at ugm and are all a great group of guys and gals with a wealth of information.
We have no bad thoughts towards any other forums.


Welcome !!!


welcome friend




Thank you everyone for the kind and warm welcome! I wish the absolute best for each and everyone of you in the future.