TRT... when is it time?


It’s in the fatty layer, and just a little bigger than pencil lead.
They numb the area, make an incision and then insert a harpoon of a needle.
The pellets are pushed out of the harpoon.
Similar to how they put finaplex on cows


And about how long are the pellets supposed to last?


For women I believe it is 3-4 months and for men 4-5 months.


Wow wouldn’t have guessed it to be that long! I mean they put the tren pellets in cattle what like 60 days before slaughter?


It does not break down like a half life steroid either, more linear.


My dad gets it done 3x a year


Does he have a choice between that or regular injections?


I’m not sure about that I know he use to be on androgel


Yeah my father was on androgel for awhile too, but that was long ago!