TRT training and diet


This is my second time on TRT, since i started cycling back again. After the first cycle i went on PCT, after the second , I went on TRT; both times were periods of recovery, boh times i took some time off the gym the first week and then went back to very similar training and dieting to what i was doing when i was on. This third TRT, which is 200 mg test cyp, 2 x 100 mg pin a week, it has been just work and work. About 10-8 weeks ago a lot of things change in my bbuilding life and found some more clearly defined objectives ; anyways, this TRT i have been dieting harder than ever, training harder than ever…am laying the foundation of a different looking body, muscularity is my target and i have been doing it during TRT. PCT and TRT before was a period of loosing weight and shape , hard to bear, with a lot of anxiety to start another cycle again…this TRT went so fast, i have been able to maintain 7% bf, 160 pounds, i feel great, everything is great.
Last Saturday i was feeling so energized after a cheat meal that i wrapped my hands and i went to the gym and had a great session with the punching bag, did 5 x 3 rounds kick boxing, i felt with great stamina and conditioning.
What do you do when you go on TRT, do you change diet and workout ?
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PAstor, for me TRT can be just about anything. It’s just regular life off cycle.
My metabolism and high altitude living make it so I dont really diet for fat loss. If I dont focus on eating big I shrink.
Since I started training BJJ last March Ive dropped from 205 to to 180. I just quit eating biig, and the sore joints of BJJ have found me lifting just a couple days a week.

I find 180# to be a good weight for BJJ, i’m quicker and its easier on my knees and ankles.

I guess my point is… cycling I have clear goals to add mass or add strength. TRT is just regular life. Focus is on keeping hormone levels correct, energy and sex drive up and all around health.