TRT Does Not Seem to Be Working



In the am I’ll be at about 60…
Before coffee


Did some deep breathing and got it down to 105/75 and 72 bpm


Your elevated heart rate is lower than my resting! :wink:


I didn’t know at the time. I thought I had PAD but I had stop using my cpap a few months earlier. Ended up it was mimicking other disorders like peripheral artery disease. My hands were puffy until I was up moving about for a few hours. With all the cuts in O2 to extremities, they overcompensated.


I’ve been very low carb today and feel the inflammation lightening up.

I think it was a mix of arthritis and water retention, Grabbing gis is hard on the hands and fingers.
Grains do cause inflammation for me, but I love eating them… even the gluten free ones.