Triptorelin good or bad


I have been researching this product it’s a pct product that supposedly you take at 100 micrograms when you are ready to start your pct and then you don’t have to take hcg ,nolva, or clomid. It says that this product will recover your system without a normal pct protocol. I’m very interested but very weary about this anyone have experience with this product. If you do can you share and let me know if there is any truth to the claim that this product can do what it claims to do.

If anyone would like to read about it this is were I was researching it.

This Is more I found on this peptid this article written by a doctor supposedly says you use it 1 shot then wait a week then run a normal Pct.

In the end I have spoken with others that have used this product pharma grade and research chem and its really split down the middle on if it works or not.
If anyone has any bloods after using it i would like to see them. I would also like to hear any information that anyone else might have on this topic.