Trenbolone Acetate Test results



This is awesome


I like that they didn’t tell them what the sample was im actually going to contact jano and ask about this because im curious I didn’t know that they could identify the compound I thought that they could only test for purity




I see what you’re saying


I thought they could only test for purity basically compare the sent in sample to there own sample in a controlled environment. I could be wrong.




Thank you for your email . I’ll hit you up soon. Great prices btw.


I used Jano many time … cant say bad words about him… good prices fast results easy payment option…
He dont ask any qestion
I always sending blind sample a,b,c, he always detected substance and quality …
Raws or oils np for him…


I like jano he is a really nice guy.
I didn’t know that he could tell what the compound was without being told first and then he would test for purity.

Like if you sent him 2g of testosterone enanthate I thought that you had to tell him that it was testosterone enanthate.
I see now that you can send him any sample and he can then just provide the results