Tren test dosage


What’s your preference on dosing.? I’ve read test higher, than tren. Then I’ve heard tren higher than test. I’m currently doing 150 tren a per week . EOD 50 mg . And trt 200 a week . I was planning on bumping the test to 500 a week opening tren at 150 . Any thoughts oppinions etc.


However I just did some research, it’s bro science , but I’ve seen 200 test or less and higher tren . So I think I’ll try the higher tren. Anyway any feedback would be appreciated. From anyone who’s fine tren preferably…


Best gains but more sides was at 350 prop and 700-1000mg tren A weekly. Add mast in there if you can. You can lower sides by dropping tren and upping test.


I’m running 300 tren a per week n 200 test c at the moment


Oh yeah and 500 mast p every week


I’m trying to see the sides at 150 then I’ll do it
. Already got a short fuse lol


When on high doses you just gotta remember every time you think your upset at something youre over reacting most likely and it’s just the tren. It’s a mental thing. If I start to get upset I remind myself to chill the fuck out cause it’s just the drugs.


Great advice . I try . Usually I just yell cause I want to smash . So I resort to screaming


Ha ha I started at 200 for two weeks then upped it to 300 a week ago and if all goes well in another week I will go to 400 and that’s it


I’ve done a cut stack blend of 100mg tren a, 100mg test prop, 100mg mast eod with good results side were minimum but everyone may have a different reaction.


This is a tough question. My theory has always been running the test at a higher dose but I have been doing some research on this topic and there are many saying that are getting better results with a higher tren dose. I guess its different for everyone…trial and error my friend.


This is the exact stack I am looking at trying out in the future. I have not done tren yet but read those 3 work really well together. My next stack I plan on running is 200mg Test E, 100mg NPP, 100mg Mast EOD for 10 weeks. I thought about running sustanon but since NPP and Mast are both fast I like the idea of Test E for quicker PCT and recovery. Also I can fit all of them in a 3cc syringe. I originally thought about doing the Test E twice a week and the NPP and Mast EOD but the thought of having to do multiple pins on some days does not sound like fun at all. I am excited to try both of these cycles


Yes that stack sounds gtg, you could split your test E if you wanted being that your pinning anyway. I’m currently running Tcyp 200 ew, Npp 600 ew, Test prop 100 ew. I pin EOD, Mon- 200 Npp,;100cyp, Wed- 200 Npp; 100 prop, Fri- 200 Npp: 100 cyp. Adding var next week 50mg ed, and 3iu hgh. Ran this in the past with amazing results


Or do trestolone Enanthate which is 250% Stronger without the sides of tren…


I would kill to get on a ment cycle again…


How much and how long did you run it? Results?


do you find yourself having problems with deca dick runnin 600 NPP compared to 300 test per week? Or do you run prami or caber to fight the prolactin? Reason I ask is I ran 500 test and like 450 deca the first time I did deca and didn’t have cabergolin on hand and sometimes I wouldn’t be able to keep it up and actually had the wife turned on during sex one time and she sucked on my nipple and it lactated a lil bit…lmao…she was like …WTF??? Seriously it was awkward and fucked up, and squeezed my nipple and it looked like a white string cheese hair cam out of it… So then I did research and figured out about cabergolin and pramiprexil, and also figured out to never take something without knowing what the side effects were. And now you all can never get that image out of your brain…your welcome :sunglasses:


Bro I must say I haven’t had any issues thus far with deca dick. I do however keep caber on hand but haven’t used any. I keep my test low because I don’t like the sides; bloat I get from high test so I run maintenance. I also run 20mg of Nolva ed and about 12mg of aromasin 2xew through out cycle. I’ve read that if you keep estrogen under control normally you won’t be affected by prolactin with gyno and Npp like Deca converts at 20% of what test would to estrogen. And for good blood flow I use on occasion cialas 10/20mg e3d :muscle:


Yes bro great images flowing thru my head


yea figured out my estrogen was out of wack on that one and was high causing problems. And I agree completely that you control your estrogen properly and it keeps almost everything else in check.