Tren iron junkie


Guess who’s back? Lol. Anyway I been on tren for 4 weeks at 75 EOD and test cyp 200 a week with aromatase and hcg . Now I was 201 now I’m 197 5’9" tall. I know don’t watch the scale watch the mirror. But I was hoping I’d gain weight. However am I correct in assuming in really haven’t lost anything but fat, I mean my stomach flattened right up, I have more cuts and veins. I’m guessing I lost 6pounds of fat, and put on 2 pounds of muscle as I had a slight pot belly look. Any ideas on eating to pack on done weight? I do not have trensomnia or and real sides, first time I injected I got no sleep but good now, other than wanting to murder the world. And have to drag myself out the fucking gym or I’ll be there for 20 hours. I eat 6 times a day not really clean so what I need to add some pounds. Thanks


When I was younger I used to eat 4-5 whoppers or around 10 bean and cheese tacos a day for extra calories. Still stayed lean thanks to tren.

Now I just cook a chili, half a kilo worth and add it thru out the day. With the chili you can choose to keep more fat or rinse if you need to cut. Add in lima beans or more red beans for carbs. Even rice and cheese. Can mix it up enough everyday so you don’t get tired of it. I got the idea fro mark dugdales off season diet recipe and love it.


Yeah the first key is to actually be tracking your cals and macros. I bet you aren’t getting in as much as you need to. To gain you need to be above your tdee daily. Simple as that.


Its mando to measure, weigh, and track your calories for you guys out there that arent you are making a big mistake. Guessing will not cut it and 9/10 time arent even close to where you think you are. I weigh and track my food 24/7 365 for 20 years straight. You think theres a huge scret to being huge and ripped well i just gave it to you its putting in the extra effort to pay special attention to what you are putting in your mouth bros


You guys said it right! You’ve got to measure/ weigh everything.


Def one of the most important parts of bbing whether to gain or cut you have to know how much of each nutrient and total calories your are taking in in order to make necessary adjustments to continue making progress


Well I’d say the tren has finally kicked. My incline bench went from reps of 238 to 278. And flat bench after incline on actual bench went from reps of 185 to 225 usually after incline I can hardly hit flat at 185 and I’m back to 199lbs …I think it had lots to do with my water intake and doing my weight at different times. However @ironjunkie the drive insane intensity is hard to control ppl looking at me like I’m a fucking nut job retard… I love it. O and I want to fuck everything I see… good shit