Tren E vs. TrenA which do you prefer?


Hey guys just want to get some feedback on which ester you perfer and why when it comes to Tren. I have a few Tren A cycles under my belt but am leaning towards enanthe this winter bulk. Any suggestions are appreciated!


Did you have any bad sides or experiences with the acetate version?


I feel like sides for me really come down to the amount I’m running and frequency of pinning schedule. With acetate if I’m running ED and don’t exceed 400mgs a week I’m still in the green, but as soon as I pass that threshold the sweats, insomnia, and sometimes even paranoia tend to set in.


Don’t start that side effects bullshit lol


Bro those are two different compounds but the same. So it really depends on what are your goals for this cycle that’s how to pick one or the other. Remember trenE is more toxic so you don’t want to run it a full cycle of 8-10 weeks. 8 is max I’d run trenE


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Well I’m looking to do a clean bulk primarily. In the past I would always stick to deca but I’m trying to avoid the “wet” look it gives me. I played with my macros and just couldn’t avoid it. I’ve always ran Tren A come cut time time but was looking to try something new. I know diet will play a major role in my outcome. Also why do you say there different compounds, this is interesting. From what I understand just the active component is released slower with enanthe. Also I’m looking to stay in between a 10-12 week blast then cruise till cut phase.


Different in one you want to use for cutting other for bulk that’d whst I meant. I would run the trenE for 8 weeks at 400 mg a week and last 4 weeks switch to trenA Keep tight clean and train your ass off really push your mind and body. Don’t be afraid to fail. Embrace failure during training.
I would also run sust and eq with this stack and maybe some adrol or tool for first 6 weeks. Depending on your experience


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Cool bro thanks! I might throw in Dbol in the beginning. I feel I respond better when running Anadrol during cut, keeps me full looking. As for test I will stick with Sust just up it when I come off cruise in few weeks


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I love anadrol especially during prep. People think you can’t use during prep but it’s awesome if you can keep your diet clean. I would do the anadrol if you respond well.


Personally I think Anadrol is one of the best orals to run during cut/prep. Totally under rated in that department.


I def agree with you both on anadrol during prep. Helps keep appetite down and fullness and strength up.


A DEF TREN A FOR ME,even if it’s just to start off with your cycle


I like them both i def think tren ace is more user friendly since its in and out of system quickly allowing user to get off quicker if sides were causing problems whereas enathate is a long ester and would be in system for couple weeks with half life so if problems arose would have to deal with them until they eventually clear up. Both have a rightful place in the correct spots in cycles but most of the time acetate will be the better choice either bulking or cutting


I agree they def both have there time and place. I will say this though the synergy with Tren A and Mast P is phenomenal. I wonder if it would be the same with longer esters of the same compound?