Training style, what do you perfer?


Ok fellas so I would like to hear on how you guys like to split your body parts, ie… do you like to do push exercises one day, pull on another? Do you like to blast one body part a day? I find myself going back and forth. Maybe it’s in my head but when I blast one body part a session I feel I bulk better that way, when I split I feel it’s better for aesthetics. I would love to hear some input from you guys!


I like to switch it up. I just did P/L/P for 16 weeks and loved it. While I cruise I’m going back to body part split 5-6 days a week then next blast plan to go back to P/L/P and another meadows program.


I totally agree with switching it up, keeps your body guessing that way, which promotes better growth I believe


For me I am always training towards progressive overload in my weight training routines and I use every means available to achieve that single goal. Whether it is P/P, R/P, TUT, bro splits, etc. I really don’t have a ‘style’ preference as long as it achieves that goal.


I do whatever John Meadows tells me to do lol


@Berserker you already know this but it is a great reminder for all of us… following a prescribed plan from an experienced coach is an excellent formal for success!



Do you pay for his plans? I bought carnage and love it. He asked me to send pics and he suggested carnage


Even coaches need coached


I have not paid for s specific program. I have a paid subscription to a media and document site that happened to have a few of his “follow along” type of programs. I’d love to be able to afford to have a customized coaching plan from him though.


It’s not expensive bro you should do it


Everything is expensive to me right now lol. I’m definitely going to do it though. I plan on using your skillsets at some point next year too. Between you and JM I’m gonna either be ripped AF or die lmao


Hahahaha we got you