Training for bikini competition



I think you would do great in bikini @Bigmurph. But not to state the obvious.


You know I would look great in a nice bikini lol


I have to say all the new stuff saved men’s bbing. We would be back in hs auditorium. The promoters would make no money on the 30 competitors with none of their friends or family going to night show because tickets are 50 bucks. I have so many people ask me stuff, when I was more relevant locally, mostly drugs. Seemed like every lady was competing. Some trained hard, some were like 5’8" and 110 and just got a 5k rack and a tan and they were almost ready. What’s funny is I’d say more than half got that addiction, where " oh I just want to do it once " became “pro card” now the ifbb gives out 50 a year, why not.


It is probably the best promotion besides the mass monstars like kai doing his artistic thing.
I believe that I would probably enjoy the ladies bikini and classic comps but when the ladies compete heavy mass monster look. Thats just to much for me.
I do give them credit for being bigger than me though lol


I think you’d look great in hot pink


Too many ladies think they need to use gear to get this look … really, it is about the work and time they are willing to lay down as a foundation rather than what supps they use.


I think I would have to choose fuchsia lol