Training- do you have a plan or just use deck of cards?


What’s up @ugm. So when you train do you go into the gym with a set plan for a body part with specific exercises in place to target that muscle or weaknesses in that muscle? Or do you bring your deck of cards and pick your exercises from that?

I’ve always been taught to have a plan in mind as you are heading to gym or by how you feel at the gym. For instance for quads for me I train them once a week. I know what I need to work on to make them better and I execute a plan for them. For instance yesterday I had quads. So I’m close to a show so I want to really drive cuts in my quads and at same time fucking destroy them. So pretty much all day I’m thinking of what my plan of attack is and on the way to the gym that evening I know what I’m basically going to do. So I started out on the leg extensions. Each rep is slow controlled up and down I’m forcing that muscle to really work and exhaust it. I did 4 sets of 30 with moderate weight to make me struggle to get those last 10 reps. Next I hit the hack squat same method each rep is slow and controlled down and up just as slow. I did 4 sets of 15 on the last set I did a drop set 10 reps with 3 plates each side then drop to 2 each side for 12. Now my quads are smoked. Next I go to leg press I want to hit my outer sweep (John meadows has an awesome movement for these called meadow press I’ll include link at end). I did 4 sets of 15 on these same method slow and controlled up and down maybe even slower than normal. Next I went to the smith machine and did vertical leg presss 4 sets of 20 slow and controlled. Last 2 sets I did 20 reps rest 20 seconds and then try to get 10-15 more rest another 20 second and try to get 10-15 more. Lastly I finished up on walking lunges super setted with sissy squats. My quads were so fried after this and I definitely achieved my goal I set out to accomplish.

Now if I did as @SemperFi does and carry my deck of cards around and just run all over the gym aimlessly (now granted he is probably getting one hell of cardio session in which is good for men’s physique) but do you think he’s really targeting the quad with purpose or just aimlessly hitting the muscle? I’m calling out @SemperFi on this specificity because of his comments on my post about be scared to try it lol. It’s all fun and games and just jabbing at each other but it made me really think are people really training with a purpose or are they just going in the gym aimlessly hit a muscle group? Be methodical about your training and watch how your body will respond and you will grow.

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Always go in with a plan. If you dont have one its too easy to stray from what you need to work on. People have lagging bodyparts. This can be your outer sweep, inside, calfs, hams, glutes. If you dont have a plan to focus on and achieve then you are just playing around in the gym. I play games on my phone not in the gym.

No doubt your leg routine is the hardest Ive done in 20 years of this sport. Im sad to say when I first tried it, i couldnt handle the weight and volume. Was sore for a week. I actually programmed the routine in my Jefit app so I would have it whenever i needed. I keep dantes workouts there and John Meadows too. Thats about as various as I need to go.


I remember when you did my routine you did the whole thing and didn’t quit. Yea I love Dante’s stuff Dc training was no joke. Meadows has some wicked ones also. Have you tried his calves routin yet. Fuck!!!


Lol i remember how fucking tired i was on that first workout. Too longer then the given time but completed it lol.

Nah but ill definitely give his calve workout a go in upcoming months. I moved so Im closer to the gym now for going more often lol.


Hell yea. When you’re ready let me know I’ll send you the new programs. You will be very pleased lol well you will hate me and cuss me at first lol


I just checked. Took me nearly 2 hours to do that quad workout. 119 minutes. The second one for the week took 93.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: yea those were brutal


I 100% ALWAYS go in with a plan. I setup my weekly body parts for each day. Then before each lift I know what I am doing for that body part. I will rotate those lifts around each respective day ifollowing weeks and change some up (Barbell for dB or cable etc). Always comparing previous week numbers to see if I’m gaining (if in a growth phase). Then every 4-6 weeks I switch up the style some to keep shocking the system. I am meticulous about it and always love being able to know where I was lifting what. I have logs that go back years.

Just how my mind operates. I’m like that in all of life tho. Without prior proper planning yore setting yourself up to fail. now not everything goes by plan, less times gab most I’d say it does. But st least you’re prepared and can adjust. That last part was more life than gym. Usually my gym plan goes as planned unless some idiot sits on the leg press for an hour :wink:

Also meadows calf routine is insane. Still never seen a gym with that machine he uses.


You can use a seated calf raise. Put your feet all the way forward with just your heels on the platform then lower and raise by lowering and raising your toes


Genius! Lol


I find having and implementing a training plan the only true way to track and monitor my personal progress. When on cycle I try to be very strict in implementing my training plan on a daily basis. While off cycle I find enjoyment and satisfaction in not taking my training too seriously. I do everything at a high degree of intensity but I am more prone to train with a certain degree of controlled chaos. If something is feeling really good on any given day I may overdue that exercise or focus on exercises that compliment it. Has it hindered my gains? Maybe. Does it provide me satisfaction? Absolutely.

The commitment level to compete at any level is off the shelf and I respect those who have that level of commitment.

The great thing is that everyone of us is different and can find a way to implement this passion into their lives. I would not make it a day in @PHD world and he could not make it a day in my house of cards. :wink:


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