Training / Cardio / and rest during last week (before stage)


During the last 2 weeks before the show i trained with hi reps…kind of just gliding thru the exercises and sets, making sure no injuries could happened. The very last week i trained until Wednesday; Thursday, Friday all i did was practicing the posing…no more lifting, no more cardio. Suturday morning just a little pump only for the upper body and ready for pre-judging .
As i finish this cutting cycle , i will train all the way till Saturday cause the following week as i go into TRT i will take a few days off the gym.
How do you manage your last week of training/ cardio and rest before the show?


Last week I usually do depletion workouts mon tues wed. Cardio is usually 30 minutes fasted then hiit cardio post workout. Of course that will probably all change this year lol


When i last competed i did legs for last time a week out then hit depletion workouts till Weds show was Sat. Then Thurs, Fri practiced posing and filled out. Tried to stay off of my legs as much as possible. Dont do too much witch craft if you are ready to go a week out than just cruise in slow and steady!