Training any and all body types/goals


Hey UG fam. Wanted to give you a little bit of a sample of what my program looks like. Each program is designed for you and your goals. This is not a cookie cutter plan and I have a nutritionist on my staff with me. I will layout meals and training (if you want) and gear protocol. I’m still charging $150 a month for UG fam. No discount code needed lol. The $150 will be good for all memebers that join the first wave for their entire time with me. There will be small price increase coming not sure when. But want all UG fam to take advantage of the super low price.



Really need to get on board. Trying to re coop after the holidays


Here for you when ever you are ready bro.


@PHD is good to go. I’ve been on his program since September. Put on 10lbs. Worth the coin IMO. I signed on for another 6 months .


Your going to be big brother. @PHD is going to have you in top shape. I can’t wait to see the end pictures.


I put on some good lean mass. Time to lean out a bit .


I’d like to give it a shot in a month or two. Im starting a new job next week so I need to figure out my schedule before I pull the trigger. On a side note, I’ve been figuring my sweet potato cals way too low according to that spreadsheet. :joy:


Hahahahaha see I’ve already helped you lol. I’ve gone to a new format which I like better and gives a lot more detail and options. @siglo69 has done amazing work and has responded very nicely.