Train on empty stomach


I have always eaten before workouts, usually is a couple of spoons of protein , cup or 2 of raw oatmeal and 1 tea spoon of honey. Always 2 hours before workout ; now with the diet i switched to a small peace of chicken and 10 grs of rice, 2 hours before training. Yesterday i had to get out of town early , long drive so no time for digestion and since am at the hard part of the diet already I trained on empty stomach. Got up at 3:45 am 2 cups of strong Cuban coffee and i was training 20 mins after; did back and biceps and 40 mins cardio right after lifting, it was tough…but i thought it was great. Anybody ever trained on empty, empty stomach


I workout twice a day 5x per week currently. My morning routine is fasted light high volume. My late afternoon routine is fed heavy low volume. Intermittent fasting combined with ketosis sheds BF like a hot knife through butter for me. I am shooting for 6-7% BF in the next couple of weeks.

I supplement with BCAA’s before and after my morning routine for muscle preservation.


Not my preferred method of training, but sometimes I have to do it. I usually down a cup of coffee and then a scoop of protein mixed with dextrose. That gets me through it.


Very rarely, I Atleast got some whey protein in me before training


I always train on an empty stomach, I get up early like you. I do, however notice that when I train in the afternoons (rarely) after I’ve been eating all day that my strength is much better.


I agree, I never did it before, am doing it right now and I think is great for short periods of cutting


You guys remember when Muscle milk first came out. When “root beer” was the only flavor? People hated the grainy taste but i loved it. I used to wake up at 4:30 am for training and just sipped that with workout. Had great sessions too just on that.


I always train on empty stomach 1st thing in the morning take 4-6ius gh plus preworkout and sip my intraworkout eaas and cyclic dextrins and then eat food when i get home i love it! Sickest pumps!


When I cutt I always workout empty stomach ,it’s a great way to shed fat


I can’t comprehend how your body can go all out with no fuel… a car is worthless with out fuel, or only a little bit of fuel can only get you so far


It’s a fact that your muscles and brain do not work at a effective and efficient level with nothing to feed off if


when you diet your body finds the fuel in a different manner: consumes fat by switching to krebs cycle


Yes but dieting, isn’t not eating


for a show you will even have to deplete


I understand the concept of dieting, but you guys are talking about expecting your body to put out 100% for you on a empty stomach how is that gonna work…


little by little your body adjust itself to the new source of energy :fat, is all a matter of training and see what works for you…me i gotta go hard to get shreded


Yeah I guess you can get your body use to anything with a routine…my body has no prob with helpin me get schredded, right now, I am consuming about 4000 cals per day, over 300 carbs, I just had dinner and it was approx 118 grams of carbs, that also puts into perspective how hard of a time I hav when it comes to bulking it’s literally like a job eating


gotta find what works for you


The answer is Ketones. :wink:

I personally think training fasted is not a good way to build muscle and/or strength but it does have its place and should be done with a specific purpose in mind.


I agree with you, I jus had a hard time grasping it cause I know how my mind and body work when I got a empty stomach, I get irritable, and I know I won’t go as hard as I can at the gym with a lack of food, but pastor did clear it up a bit for me