!To all my Devildogs and Everyone Else!Get Fired Up!


Having a bad day…tired…feeling down…no time for it!!!


44 i like him :muscle:


TRUTH ! Fuck Yeah! Someone always has it worse than we do, somewhere in this world. No matter what stay fucking strong and keep persevering.


Glad 44 is back on YouTube


I’m not familiar with 44 I’m going to watch some videos

I love his shirt :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:


Holy shit I feel like such a little bitch right now. Complaining that I couldn’t workout because I hurt the tendons in my arm none were torn and I was a little bitch and didn’t barely workout since October until now.
Ive been stabbed twice on 2 different occasions never been shot. I ruptured my bicep bad but damn to be in stage 3 terminal brain cancer. I need to step my game the fuck up.
I really feel like a little bitch damn.
I have said to a veteran that my only regret in life is not serving my country. He got really upset and said that I was the smart one and I didn’t ever want to be over there. It truly is my only regret in life and I have done some really bad things. Use your imagination really bad things.


He is cool guy watch him long time


You’ve been stabbed that’s interesting did you Atleast get yours in at whoever it was?


The first time no I never saw him again the second guy who stabbed me I had me and about 20 of my buddies beat him within in inch of his life.
I started it and beat the shit out of him and once I was burnt out I just threw up my hands and let my buddies finish him off.
I actually had to stop them because I thought that they were going to kill him.
This was in my 20s when I was a gang member. I’m past all this violence I would walk away now unless the person pushed the right buttons or was one of those guys from the past him or his crew. They tried to kill me twice.


All good bro. Everyone has their own calling in life.


I know it but I watched alot of my good friends leave and one didn’t come back and I will never forget or forgive myself for not defending the country I love.


Well you made it so that’s always a plus! I have had a few of them life altering events over seas and you would think when I came back I would appreciate life more and I didn’t for the longest time pretty much was a waste a space and shit on everyone and everything however I am slowly becoming a upstanding citizen, a lovable fiancé and stepdad, but I can’t quite stay away from a couple off the grid hobbies​:shushing_face::shushing_face:


Most things happen for a good reason @Bigmurph so…


I went through the same thing from everything that happened to me I was addicted to painkillers for 12-14 yrs I don’t even remember I slept a decade away and now I’m clean 8 yrs with my ass back on track


Outfuckingstanding brother


Anything that works for you and only you. It’s weird because as you all know, you don’t know how your going to react until the day comes…I have learned for today it is completely different for everyone and no one is wrong in his/her response. A lot of times it is not what we did and paid for its what we got away with.


Congatulations on staying clean bro.my hats off to ya


Love all the comments guys! Motivates me!


I really appreciate that it’s a hard battle but the longer you go the easier it gets


I needed to watch this video again to get fired up. Life can try to get you down quick…I refuse to be brought down!