Tips to help stop late night overeating


Josh I get this cheese that’s made fresh daily. It’s amazing and I’m not a cheese guy but this stuff is fresh sitting in water no packaging. That’s the real stuff. I get it for 6$ a pound at the supermarket it’s 8$ for 4 ounces and it’s bullshit.


Sure is there are a few more things in a Antiposto. I’m half Italian do I’m used to good good


Just having enough discipline and self control to stick to your diet and not over eat. I dont understand why that eludes so many people. Have we become gluttons to an extent of zero self control as a society?


Don’t forget all the shit the put in foods these days turns off full receptors.


Self control is a two edge sword. I do not like to lose so when I have 8 Taco Bell Enchirito’s sitting in front of me and I am starting to feel full my self control to never lose says, “eat one more”, until they are gone! :zipper_mouth_face:


Yes I eat a 700 calorie honey bun at night sometimes when i wake up to piss


My weakness is late night TV. If I dont watch TV I’m good but soon as that tv goes on I want to eat like a slob.


Hell yeah


I will make a 5 egg omelet 20 mins before bed if I smoke a joint




Yeah i know that feeling all too well i never lose a battle with a cheat meal im reigning King!!


Here’s an idea!! Just put a chain around fridge and lock it, same with snack cabinet…lol


Who keeps the key?


Ill hold the key good luck getting it back lol


You’ll eat all my shit bro… not fair!


Thanks for the tips SF! Always timely information!!!


Nooooo waaaaay bro ill save you some hahaaa


Just enough for a “samich”