Tips to help stop late night overeating


Not all of us are in this to be the next Mr. Olympia or even be the biggest beast in the gym. We all have diet ideas and many of the things that we do concerning our calorie intake is not attached to the health benefits. Rather it is for a specific goal. Those who are competitive are doing things that are extreme when it comes to their dietary choices and timing. They are either building muscle mass or looking to achieve muscle definition. They are doing these things for a specific purpose and their dietary choices are to support that purpose. Overall health is not part of the equation in most instances. The goal justifies the means as the saying goes.

I have the greatest respect for competitive bodybuilders and athletes. The hard work and dedication that they put into their craft is commendable but the reality is most of us are not them and will not become them. So why are we trying to emulate their eating habits? What they do is not recommendable for individuals who are attempting to be fit and overall healthy.

Overeating late at night is not part of a competitive bodybuilders diet but it is certainly a struggle for many of us average joe’s trying to be the best that we can be. There are several reasons why many people overeat late at night. It could be stress related, emotional, hormonal, or as simple as opportunity. For whatever reason late night eating may not be a good thing if you are trying to maintain a strict calorie intake. From a pure health perspective late night eating is counter productive to the bodies natural circadian rhythm.

One of the biggest hurdles that many people struggle with is the ability to break their late night eating habits. If you are an individual that is struggling with late night overeating here are a few suggestions to consider;

  1. Implement Time Restricted Eating - Create an eating window of 10-12 hours. Setting limits on food intake allow the body the ability to stay in its natural circadian rhythm. This alone might be all you need to break the late night eating habit.

  2. Plan meals in advance - This is a good way to control habitual late night eating and more times than not saves you a lot off money on your monthly grocery bill.

  3. Do not keep junk food or convenience foods in the house - enough said. :wink:

  4. Have an eating curfew- If Time Restricted Eating doesn’t work for you set an eating curfew and do not consume any calories after the curfew cut off.

  5. Front load calories- Get at least 50% of your daily calories before lunch. Prioritize consuming high quality proteins to gear up your satiety hormones for the rest of the day. Satiety hormones- Leptin, Ghrelin and Insulin.

  6. Practice stress management- Find something that works for you. Separating stress coping from eating takes thought and creativity.


But gummy worms at midnight are sooooo good!!


@PHD and I were just discussing this lol



Ha ha nice, how bout when I wake up at two am to piss and I have a 680 cal honey bun waiting with a bottle of water


Carrots and hot sauce. Have all you want!.


Carrots are high in sugar as far as vegetables go… I would avoid them late at night before bed. Any amount of nutrition, even if it is considered healthy will not help an individual break the late night feasting habit nor does it help the body maintain its natural circadian rhythm. Our body needs to be in a cycle of rest and recovery for 8-12 hours a day to be functioning at the highest level of capacity and digesting food does not allow that so we are hindering the recovery process. Our waking hours food intake has provided more than enough stores to feed the recovery cycle. If the body has immediate access to energy (food) it will use it instead of the storage supply.


well damn, burst my bubble why dont ya.

I never would have guessed that late night feeding would interfere with the recovery process. The fat burning process, sure. but figured that muscle recovery would proceed as long as we had good sleep.
Dont doubt you though, you usually have good data to support your ideas


@Burrr The recovery process is not only limited to muscle recovery. Think about all the functions, immune system, tissues, bone and organs you have in your body. That is what I am speaking of when I say recovery (rest). I think we are so over consumed by the idea of muscle and fat we overlook all the rest of the important stuff. Remember, I am speaking from an overall health standpoint not a competitive bodybuilders standpoint.

An army is only as effective as its weakest soldier. :wink:


You are amazing brotha! You have so many good ideas and very positive way of getting them across. I respect you immensely and i really think you should put together a book of all your ideology. I would buy it without a question! Thank you for being such a humble awesome kick ass dude! Through all you have been through you are still so giving and helpful to others its a beautiful thing brotha :facepunch:t2:


Great post man! I literally have to put a reminder for my phone to go off around 1am when I get home from work to take my casein with water not a half gallon of milk from a mason jar that’s been in the freezer. I should probably stop tempting myself by putting the mason jar in there in the first place…


Lol @GC1985 I do exactly the same. Must say that milk is one of my favourite demons. The booze and blow I have controlled for nearly eight years (hence getting back into this hobby) but milk is one fucker I can’t shake off!!!


Great tips @SemperFi. This is one of my biggest struggles actually. Mostly it’s because I work 12 hr overnight shifts. My eating schedule basically flip-flops a few times a week. I have no doubt that it hampers my body’s ability to recover fully. My sleep schedule sucks too.


Exactly , I mean think about it, our love for milk starts with our mothers,it’s ingrained in our mental housing group.


Lot of sugar in carrots though right?


I’ve heard carrots are horrible snack at night because of the sugar @GlycogenGuy


I believe the same. My favorite late night is fresh 100% goat cheese and peperocinni peppers and a few green olives.


That sounds freaking amazing… isn’t there some Italian name for that combo?


You talking about Antiposto


Yeah that might be the name of it