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Cabergoline is a dopamine agonist created to cut down prolactin.

It is also used by athletes who supplement w/ AAS that may increase prolactin levels such as Deca & Tren.
Cabergoline, most commonly known as the brand Dostinex or Caber in the BB community, It was developed in 1981. As a dopamine agonist,
Caber directly relates w/ the long acting D2 receptor thereby suppressing the secretion of prolactin in the body & in turn lowers serum prolactin levels.
As a dopamine agnonist, Caber is used to treat Parkinson’s disease, Cushing’s disease, & hyperprolactinaemia ( high levels of prolactin in the blood), .
Caber’s direct role is in that it inhibits prolactin secretion in the pituitary. It genuinely is a simple drug & what is more simple,
is that Caber was discovered almost accidently during experiments (as were many steroids & even penicillin)

Positive effects of Caber are abundant for both medical & athlete purposes, as well as those of a sexual nature. Certain steroids can raise prolactin levels significantly in the body.
Raised prolactin levels can lead to gynecomastia (gyno) in people who easily get gyno . Yet, more common is extra prolactin levels lowering the individual’s libido & even more commonly resulting in erectile dysfunction.
The ED issues that surround prolactin normally revolve around the anabolic steroid hormones Tren & Deca. Deca is the prolactin related ED that has lead to the very common phrase ‘Deca Dick’ & is the reason many stay away from Deca.
If the person could limit, or even cut down prolactin levels he can avoid the fearsome ‘Deca Dick’ & Caber is frequently the perfect solution for this.
Athletes also decide to use Caber due to a sensed adrenaline rush caused by an addition of dopamine. Although data is inconclusive on this, many athletes swear by it.
The rush can also help w/ memory & the person’s ability to push through training w/o getting tired as fast.
Some also report that the utilization of Caber helps them stick to their diet as the cravings for junk food is reduced as they remain w/ a gratifying feeling due to the increased levels of dopamine in the body.

Sleep & Sex:
Many Caber users report a deeper & better sleep,feeling more rested w/ use. then we’re left w/ the final positive effect of Caber, increased sex drive.
When we have sex, specifically referring to ejaculation, the individual’s prolactin levels go up thereby reducing his desire for sex (after you cum typically your craving goes down).
By using Caber & reducing serum prolactin levels you acquire your desire for sex much quicker, & in some cases, may be able to perform repeatedly w/o rest between!
Side Effects of Cabergoline:
Most common side effects of Caber is nausea & stomach cramps. Stomach issues are normally associated w/ taking too much Caber & can be avoided by correctly dosing & taking it w/ food.
Other possible sides of Caber mostly surround lowering prolactin too much as we do need some prolactin in our bodies. No different than when taking an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) to reduce estrogen,
too little estrogen due to too much AI can lead to numerous other symptoms. Reduced levels of prolactin at a intense rate can lead to sexual dysfunction,
such as ED or the inability to have an orgasm. In both sexes it may result in depression & anxiety.

Cabergoline Dosage:
Caber is usually found in oral tablets, but may also be found in an oral liquid form. Most people will find that 0.25mg taken two times a week to be all the Caber needed w/ 1mg twice per week being the max.
While 1mg twice per week may not sound like much, it is truly a large dose & far more than most people will need. If 0.25mg twice per week does not fulfill it’s purpose for you individually,
there are other areas in your life that need to be analyzed. The best time to take Caber is w/ Dinner.

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Solid post progesterone and prolactin are worse than estrogen in my opinion and many compounds that don’t produce estrogen can still produce progesterone and this is why you need caber, dostinex,or many other medications that help lower progesterone.
I got a small lump of gyno because I took MHN for 4 weeks and MHN doesn’t convert into estrogen so I thought it was just bloat of a pocket of fat. I took my saliva test for progesterone and it showed high levels a couple of doses of caber later everything was fine but I can still feel a very small lump.

Having caber and an AI on hand even if just running testosterone or something else like a dht just always be prepared before taking the leap.

There are other choices than caber or dostinex but its what I highly recommend.
You can use prami or bromo but both have horrible side effects for most but caber has side effects on the heart for some so please research and have the proper AI and the proper dopamine antagonist.


I have never used caber, never seen or felt the need, but it seems good to have on hand


Have you used decca or a nortestostorone derivative yet.
Like the MHN you will definitely need it.
I needed it for decca and MHN but not for npp


I have used deca didn’t care for it and I use tren on the occasion for six weeks tops


Oh yes and npp which I love


What Big said, I notice for myself while on tren and deca it helps with more than the re-manufacturing after sex, it also HELPS with sleep… I’ll explain how it helps “me”…

Nandrolone and especially “TRENBOLONE” & most other AAS will stimulate and increase CNS activity, but with deca and tren it can be a bit more aggressive in the sense of CNS and neuroactivation and over stimulation with brain behaviors/brain secretions, and some drugs like nandrolone can decrease the sensitivity with the D2 receptors due to its nature of increasing levels of Dopamine, basically the over stimulation of the receptors thus the membrane may become less responsive…On paper lower response of Dopamine sounds ideal, and partially true, but to much can be almost like having not enough by the example I just gave… The body likes to be in a constant state of homeostasis, a balance with-in the systems of checks that are through-out the body…To much dopamine can be detrimental in may ways by direct or indirect effects throughout cellular expressions… For myself, I’m a natural insomniac and certain drugs bring out the worst of it…At times I sleep like a baby while on Test/Mast, and soon as I add certain drugs like tren/deca “blamo” everything is off, and once I lose a good-nights rest it trickles and throws the rest of my up coming days off, appetite ,mood, everything and it takes days to get back on track. Caber helps me here to avoid this!

Aside from using script sleeping aids that I have, I “try” and stay consistent with Melatonin with 5-HTP and Caber while on Tren/Nandrolone.

Also - A very low dose of caber at .5mg on day of injection with nandrolone/tren and/or .5mg every 3-4 days is my honey spot!

Added bonus: Sex drive is almost impervious to these 2 faced multi attitude compounds (Nandrolone/Tren)


Very good and well written so true


Great post! I ran it with my NPP cycle last Spring at .25mg every 5th day and it worked wonders for me… especially in the sleep aspect and feeling completely refreshed and well rested even on as little as 5 hours of sleep.


This is the kind of feedback I love to hear… especially how you broke it down with little as .25 and proving that you don’t need much… a little bit can go a long way… and I completely agree on the rest Factor, it’s really hard to describe the quality of sleep, a good solid deep sleep is the best way to put it… when running Trenbolone or NPP it definitely gives you the added advantage, while not allowing Tren/NPP to put you at a disadvantage…

Toss 2ius of HGH and Gaba with some melatonin in the mix before bed, you’ll feel like you woke up in a different year…

That’s when your BCAAs/protein before bed really go to work… or even backload with some carbs for those that are cutting and they don’t want to flatten out…


Running 3 training sessions a day during the heart of training camp rest and recovery play a huge role if not the most important…good sleep and waking up ready to go are crucial.


Just let’s all remember to respect all these drugs. I think these posts do that. Thanks.


N8gaintrain I think really emphasized on that… with him bringing to the table his very conservative dosage and sharing his experience goes to show that less goes a long way.

That’s why I really appreciated his feedback because it grounds people, and it lets everyone know that we don’t need these silly ridiculous dosages that are often regurgitated throughout all of the panels…

My closing statement, I think blood work is the best thing to do to in which it could give a keen indication of where we came from, where we are at and where we are possibly going… blood work is the template before we should attempt to treat and Target any symptoms… but we know blood work isn’t instantaneous and we have to resort to personal notes and experience and treat symptoms accordingly in the maintain…


Your winning me over PSL. Just have a sale soon…im joking, I guess in the last 15 years blood work and the way it’s a puzzle, and is really just the very tip of information. The cosmetic outcome is easy to see, especially a young healthy guy. Prami is especially powerful from a neuro standpoint. I always advise everyone to get frequent baseline tests, lipids, cardiac, etc. If you are taking any medication before getting anything done with AAS and auxiliaries of any kind.


Don’t you worry my brother I have some major game-changing news coming soon… within the next week or more :slight_smile:
And I couldn’t agree more about the blood work, because clearly it’s a crude method but at least it gives us the snapshot of what is possibly taking place… now the sensitivity of the test is what’s pivotal, that’s why I always suggest a full panel LC MS-MS it’s a bit more sophisticated but it’s a lot more accurate and sensitive compared to the very inexpensive ECLIA that doesn’t require much work from the lab technicians part it’s more or less just a fast turnaround that is a simple standard that is affordable and done by most clinics as the generic standard for a quick and fast turn around with instant results, plus they are capped off.
The LC MS is the gold standard in my opinion… although it does have its drawbacks where it cannot distinguish the difference between certain of hormonal, an example would be Trenbolone because it closely resembles estradiol… mine came back at a 4000, clearly that was a mistake because of cross-reactivity…

I use Quest diagnostics and I have their application on my device this way I have a year’s worth of panels to go back over and compare my numbers…

But if people really need to dial in and find out what’s going on I personally suggest a comprehensive 24 hour urine test… this way people can better assess throughout the day what their body is excreting and if they are a ultra metabolizer or not… this way it shows you what’s going on throughout the fluctuations that people experience all day long…

I’m just rambling on now because this is my language haha…

Like your closing statement: always have personal notes!


I agree and if you can decipher this stuff, I can’t wait for the news. I don’t know why but I always worry that someone will do like I did in the beginning. Take some and leave the rest. That’s why I ramble…trying to cover everything. I forget I’m on a muscle site!