This phone is sick! ASUS ROG


Cant budget it right now but some day lol.


I know its cool…it probably can do everything including brushing your teeth…but I still can’t reason spending that kind of cash.


…that would be less I spend on gear…lol.


Am I missing something here? Is that phone the price of their Asus ROG gl503 laptop?


It been said $1499 but cheapest reports $1300. But as phones are concerned the benchmark is well above any other phones. Its a beast!


Thats serious dough $$$$ better be able to satisfy my every desire for that price :smiling_imp:


Yeah the specs are definitely insane, all I kept thinking is “pubg mobile would play soooo smooth”


Yeah and thats my favorite game. I love it more on mobile then pc.My wife told me I should just get the phone but Its still so expensive. Once they figure a root for it, I’ll probably get one.


all i wanna know is…can ya make a cawl with it? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

well i am all about the camera as well i eant to know how good the camera is… phones seem to always fall short on the cameras