This is how you make sure you have no acne


This is how you handle acne my girl got me all these face washes and girl skin cleansers im running 750mg testosterone enanthate usually my face would be covered using the masks and the cleansers I have like 3 pimples.

You also look like a pimp because your skin is so smooth


Lmfao,thats me almost every damm


I don’t even know what to say to that


I uses to breakout bad. Ran accutane at 20mg for 9 month and hardly get a pimple since. Even my back is clear


Even as a teen I never got too many pimples and for the most part Ive had clear skin. I do periodically get a few on my back running high test but some dawn dishwashing soap or dial with benzoyl peroxide mixed in does the trick


Say bruh, something wrong with being pretty? Ladies love it! Lmao


Ha ha no but my mom,sisters and fiancé love me and that more then enough in my life…however no facial mask will fix ugly


Hahahahaha you said no facial mask will fix ugly :joy::joy::joy::joy: @Bigmurph I think he’s saying something lol.


This post concerns me on many levels. @TrenGod did you approve of this face mask lol. BM you look like you’re ready to rob the pharmacy of all anabolics lol


I would go to another country to rob a pharmacy.
Nothing good in a American pharmacy. I would hit the distribution facility and grab everything. I would bring laundry carts with wheels and just fill them up and push it all into the truck and hull ass to the port load the boat and start sailing back to the states but I would stop on a certain island first to drop off the haul.
Look see you have me planning out major robberies.



Hmm got you a disguise for Mexico…


Hahahahshah oh my fucking god. @TrenGod just broke the fucking internet today lol hahahahaha I’m done


Ha ha this is fun


Then you could be a moderator and a sponsor


That’s would be shady disregard that.


That’s fucking great Haha lol