This is hard but has to be done please read


I hate having to be a bad guy or an asshole. I have love for everyone at and when a member attacks other members it greatly upsets me and I have to take action because this will not happen at ever as long as im in charge.
No member will ever be bashed no one ever has to worry about asking a question. I will always put members before sponsors as long as that member goes about it in the correct professional way. We at will never be bought and no sponsor, src,or any other entity will ever own or have a dominant influence over the way we do things. This is how we are becoming the top forum online because of our morals and our ability to stay unbias and to protect our members. Our security is also top notch.

So not to get off track my hand has been forced by a member. I hate to be an asshole and be in this position so I ask everyone at to please just act in a professional and courteous manner. Were uncensored but during a uncensored conversation you still can not attack other members especially staff members. Threats will never be allowed. Talk openly and express your opinions but always do so in the right way. Were all adults so I don’t have to explain the right way.
With much hesitation because I rarely do this but im going to give @rnmuscle a 2wk ban. Im making this public because I want everyone to know that I didn’t ban him forever and I want that to be clear because I don’t want anyone to be able to create a story that is not true.
This morning he decided that he didn’t like the direction that was going and instead of contacting a staff member he decided to attack @SemperFi. I will not allow this. He then choose to attack @TrenGod and @PHD. He even went as far as attacking me and I have never nor would I ever do wrong to anyone at Im only here to help and so is everyone else so why attack anyone else in the community??
After a 3-4hr review I have decided that @rnmuscle needs to take a break from and can come back in 2wks if he would like to. I don’t ever want to ban anyone I have only in over 2yrs banned 2 members for serious reasons.
So please @rnmuscle come back in 2wks we want you to be part of the community but something has to be done about this morning’s actions.
If anyone has any questions contact me in pm I don’t want to discuss this openly so any posts following this will be erased.
Thanks for everyone’s time to discuss this situation. I believe as a community we are much better than this.
Thanks again



No responses @josh I just want to let this go and move forward I hope that you understand